Family Pets: It’s A Dogs World! 5 Top Ways To Show Them

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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about our family  dog. It’s hard not to include him in our daily activities. For us it’s a dog world! He gives us so much unconditional love. He is patient always waiting for a chance at a car ride, to play ball outside, or learn new commands. It’s important to treat your dog with love! Today I’m sharing my top five tips and ways for showing your dog you love them!

Our English Bulldog is super smart and we are continuing to train him to do tricks. We give him Nudges® treats when training. Bulldogs make great family pets. He is often content by my side, just keeping me company where ever I work. Whether writing, photographing or when creating projects he ends up by my side. He is so mellow until we rev him up with play. We love treating our dog just as if he was one of the family.

Family Pets: It’s A Dogs World! 5 Top Ways To Show Them

Treat Them With Love

Family Pets: English Bulldog close up

A while back for those of you that haven’t followed for very long our dog had to have surgery for a growing cyst. With all his floppy bulldog skin we didn’t notice it until it grew larger. We were scared it would be serious. When this happened he was only just turning two. How could this happen? No one actually knows for sure.

 We were relieved when the surgery went fine and he healed with no serious things to worry about. We give him our dog best care, food, love and treats to ensure better odds of a long life with our family (which does include cats too).

Family Pets; 

Teaching Your Dog 

Family Pets |Bulldog Shaking hands

When we got him we wanted to train him to do special things. Training takes a lot of time but, is so worth it in the end. First it was the basic commands, then it was to ring a bell to have us open the door for him to go outside, next it was to shake hands. We always love getting Nudges® dog treats like the new Grillers and Sizzlers to reward him. What types of training and tricks have you taught your dog?

Family Pets; 

Rewarding Your Dog With Treats When Training

Family Pets | Dog eating Nudges dog treats

  • The Nudges® brand is about rewarding the unconditional love your dog gives you with treats you can trust. It’s about celebrating the love you share, love that deserves to be rewarded.

Showing your dog love is so important! Hugging, petting and rewarding them shows them you care. Treating them tells them they did a good job and encourages repeat “good” behaviors. What I love about Nudges® is he loves them! He perks up when he smells the meaty scent! They are made in the USA with only USA-sourced protein. Real Meat is the #1 ingredient. No artificial flavors or fillers. These are a wholesome treats he loves! Has your dog tried them? 

Family Pets; 

Spending Time Exercising Your Dog

Family Pets |Bulldog pulling someone on a skateboard

Now we are in the process of training him to roll over and hopefully learn to skateboard. You’ve seen those videos online with bulldogs skateboarding right? We tried but, think the skateboard was too narrow for him. We plan on getting him his own. But, being the loving, playful dog he is he wanted to join in and was happy to pull Sammie down the street while she was learning! One thing about bulldogs is they can over heat easily. We pick a cooler time of day and play for shorter spurts to keep him cooled down. Then we bring him indoors where it’s cooler.

Family Pets; 

The Essentials Shelter 

Family Pets |  Top 5 Tips To Show Your Dog You Love Them|Old English Bulldog | dogs |

Family Pets; 

Our Top Five Tips To Show Your Dog You Love Him! 

  • Good Shelter With Indoor/Outdoor Access
  • Food, Water, Grooming and Treats
  • Love! Lots of Love!
  • Training Activities and Exercise
  • Knowing Your Dog’s Breed And Special Needs
  • Bulldogs need a cool place to live. Providing indoor/outdoor access is essential to their health. Anything over 82 degrees and they get over heated easily which can cause be dangerous for them. 

Family Pets; 

The Essentials For A Dog

Family Pets |Nudges Dog Treats on a Plate

Grillers Steak

Supplying your dog with wholesome food, treats and clean water is essential to their well being. When I run out of treats for training or to treat him in the evening we head out to Walmart. At Walmart I even noticed new Jerky Cuts value size (36oz) 

Family Pets Nudges Dog Treats At Walmart

Dogs do take more care and time than a cat but, the rewards to having a dog are amazing. He thinks that Nudges® Grillers or Sizzlers are amazing and I might have to agree! He is in love with these two new products that come in 3 oz. and 18 oz. sizes.

Family Pets |Nudges Grillers Dog Treats Real Steak


  • Chicken 18 oz.
  • Steak 3 oz. and 18 oz.

Family Pets |Nudges Sizzlers Beef and Cheese Dog Treats


  • Chicken Bacon 3 oz. and 18 oz.
  • Beef & Cheese 3 oz. and 18 oz

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our training efforts, antics with the cats and fun with the family. If you have a pet dog and want to find out more about these treats and see all the flavors visit the links below! I’d love to know what ones your dog would love best?

Find out more about Nudges® Grillers or Sizzlers.:

Do you own a dog? 

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    1. Yep, We’ve had him a little over two years. We were thinking of pugs and a few other breeds too but, just happened on him. He and his brother needed homes. Sammie picked him out.

  1. I’m also happy to know you have a dog 🙂
    I grew up with dogs and cats. At the moment thought, my husband and I have a cat – which I inherited from my Mom. We also have lots of street-cats that we feed

  2. I prefer giving my dogs treat that are made in the USA. These look like some really good ones. Thanks for all the wonderful tips! Your dog is adorable.

  3. This is such a great post! It can be hard to train dogs, but this helps new (and old) owners learn more about what their pets need.

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