10 Must Haves For The Beach!

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Yay for Friday! I’m so ready to add some beach days back onto our list of things to do. Finally, some of our beaches are opening up! Today’s Friday finds will help you be ready to head to the beach. Are you ready for all things summery and beachy? 10 Must Haves For The Beach

Beach life is definitely a big part of living in California. We love the California lifestyle. If you can’t live it you can be inspired by the mood, style, and fashion boards I create here and on Pinterest that evoke our love of the beach. We link to that at the end of the post. 

Must Haves For The Beach10 Must haves for the beach - What to bring to the beach - DearCreatives.com

Do you ever wonder what to bring to the beach? We like to focus on being cute, comfortable, and ready for fun in the sun! We hope this list helps you pack up for a day trip to the beach. Looking for great beaches to visit in Central California? Or coastal towns? You can check out our travel posts

Affiliate links are included in the post. We earn a small commission for qualifying purchases. This is at no additional cost to you at all. 

Be ready for the beach with these beauty items and list of must haves for the beach. DearCreatives.com

What to bring to the beach 

  1. Are you ready to get your feet back in the sand? Girl head to the beach, and walking on the sand with a new pair of sandals
  2. Hot outside, or wind in your hair? Do you have long hair? These pretty wired headscarves can be used to tie back your hair and even put your hair in a ponytail. 
  3. Have your toes ready for the sand and wearing sandals. I spotted and am crushing on these Essie colors perfect for summer In The Cab-ana and Muchi Muchi I am so ready for a pedicure and mani! Are you? Salons can’t open up soon enough! 
  4. Grab a new beach towel for the beach or pool. I am down to three. I don’t know how they get lost, but somehow kids/teens just seem to take them to other’s houses and leave them!
  5. My favorite beach towels are the oversized ones, like this hibiscus oversized beach towel and this striped oversized beach towel in pretty colors. Find so many designs and colors when you pop over. 
  6. My favorite way to pack up stuff for the pool and beach are these beach bags. We typically bring 2-3 different styles, one for swim stuff like this Mesh Tote, which easily can be shaken out and wet stuff won’t wreck. And something like this 2 and 1 backpack for our keys, id, and misc. stuff, plus it has a cooler section. And it’s handy to have a 6-pack carrier like this. (for water or other beverages)So handy for beach days! 
  7. When we head to the beach for a full day we like bringing these easy to take beach/sand chairs (hey you can use them at the pool too). 
  8. Sunglasses are a must! Sand, sun, and wind protection. They look cute too. 
  9. I spotted the cutest swimsuits on Target. Tankinis, 2 piece swimsuits, and 1 piece swimwear. 
  10. Don’t forget the beach and sand toys for the kids! 

When we get home I shake out everything outdoors and I toss all the sandy, dirty towels and clothes into a laundry basket like this. 

At Target, Free $5 gift card when you buy 3 sun care and tanning products. Valid 06/07 – 06/13. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Now is a great time to stock up! Keep your skin safe while being in the sun at the beach, pool or outdoors this summer! 

Beach Days

Beach days ahead! What to bring to the beach. DearCreatives.com

We hope you get to plan a day at the beach soon! Our favorite place to make mood boards, color inspiration boards, and fashion boards like this beach mood board is on PicMonkey. You can see this post best design tools. Just take note we also use PicMonkey for photo editing too! It’s so easy to use to edit, and… get great photos so much more. 

When is the next beach trip you are planning? 

I promise to share photos from the next time we go. You can see our behind the scene adventures and beach photos on @DearCreatives Instagram

Happy Beach Days ahead! 

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