Meal Plan Monday: Perfect Picnic Gift Items for Mother’s Day & Picnic Menu #Recipes

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For Mother’s Day this year I want to go on a picnic with the family With a little planning and some Meal Plan Monday  picnic recipes at the end of the post I think we are off to a good start with our picnic menu. I am also sharing my top must have picnic gifts perfect which are perfect ideas for picnic season and Mothers Daygiving. Have you ever considered taking your mom on a Mother’s Day picnic?

I just love getting outdoors and would rather be taken out to eat on a less crowded day to a restaurant. I hate the lines, the Mr. hates the spending extra money and my daughter is so picky we end up eating where she would like to eat. Doesn’t sound like a fun Mother’s Day to me. Does it to you?

This year I asked instead of hanging out at home if we could take a drive and eat a picnic lunch at our local botanical gardens and finish the drive home with a stop at the beach! Now that sounds like a fun Mother’s Day to me how about you?

I’d pack my camera of course for taking photos of flowers and if I am lucky enough spot some hummingbirds or butterflies. Then at the beach some photos of the sun setting. I want to keep things light only what we need and asked them to purchase me a picnic basket. I never really have had a good one or even a pretty one. It’s always an ice chest which in most cases other than camping was too big for picnic needs.

flickr photos wicker-furniture 8663913913_32b700c534_z

 Image Credits Creative Commons  Wicker Paradise  

At Target I saw some things perfect for picnics. I decided to share my favorites! And of course some picnic solutions that they carry. I want this to be the year that we picnic all the time from spring until the sun sets on Autumn.


Picnic Items from Target


Here are my favorite picks for items I would love to have for a lovely picnic and are only available online over at Target :

I know my favorites are the Kabrio Wine I’m sure I can fit one more service in it or Windsor. What is your favorite picnic basket?

San Luis Obispo Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite places to visit and take photographs. If you ever are nearby it’s also has a gift center,  great park and hiking trails.

Now here are some menu ideas for your Mothers Day Picnic.

When is the last time you went on a picnic?

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