Easy DIY Dog Training Tips & Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews + Gift Card #Giveaway

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What I love about having a dog is not only their companionship but, having fun teaching them new tricks. Now, my dog is still pretty young. Rex is only one but, we have been focusing on some continued training with him. I have already taught him to sit, lay down, stay and come. These are definitely basics all dogs should learn. I had the chance to have Rex try Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews and used them as a reward for his training efforts and practice. If you have a dog you’ll love this post as you’ll have a chance to win the same dog bones for your dog and a gift card. Today I am sharing (my) our families  tips for dog training.

As  I worked with Rex I added ringing a bell to tell us he wants to go outside and now we are working on fetching. Of course there are other tricks I want to train him on too. I want my dog Rex to stay in top shape with his health. I was reading that it is common for dogs to have gum and teeth problems. This is why I loved having the chance to see if he liked Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews. I am happy to report he does!

Old English Bulldog _

You don’t have to be an expert to get your dog listening and learning but, you do have to have patience. It takes time and effort to see results. Different breeds vary with their training too. It’s best to start with them as a puppy but, training at any age can be done. With that said there are some basics when training.

  • If you are just starting out with dog training read up, watch videos or take a class with your puppy / dog
  • Have the whole family agree on what the commands will be
  • Do not allow your dog to get up on the couch or bed as a puppy unless you are going to allow that when he’s full grown
  • After he /she has learned the commands have each person in the family take turns with the dog and be consistent with the training and commands
  • You will have to repeat and practice in short intervals giving praise each time as the dog gets his command down
  • Give your dog a treat such as the Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews. Not only is it a reward, it is good for their mouth health

Milk-Bone Brushing Chews _ box of Milk Bone Chews_

Benefits of the Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews are:

  • When fed daily, Milk-Bone Brushing Chews® are clinically proven to be as effective as brushing your dog’s teeth twice per week based on the reduction of tartar build up and bad breath
  • These brushing chews feature a specially designed 75 degree twist that helps the brushing nubs reach down to the gum line, even cleaning hard-to-reach back teeth
  • Milk-Bone Brushing Chews  are so effective that they have earned the trusted Veterinary Oral Health Council’s Seal of Acceptance!

You can view these two under one minute videos of how Rex is doing with his training”

  • We taught him to ring the bell when he needs the door opened to go outside: Dog Training Video Clip
  • In this clip he comes to me, sits, shakes hands and then has to lay down before I have him his milk bone. For training I brake them into smaller sizes but,  give him a whole one other times and he loves them! Dog Training Video Clip 2

To Enter for your chance at winning Milk-Bone Brushing Chews® and a gift card enter via the RaffleCopter. USA Residents Only. Good Luck with the contest and your dog’s training and health!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I did receive Milk-Bone Brushing Chews® product, information and a Visa gift card provided by the Milk-Bone Brand to facilitate my post. These are my 100% honest opinions.

Milk-Bone Brushing Chews chart_

Want to find out more about all of the Milk-Bone ®products visit:

What is your favorite trick that you have taught your dog?

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  1. My dog is a make Basset Hound that is 10 years old, and he really likes dog treats!

  2. I have two dogs, buttercup is a stray my neighbor found almost dying last April when we lived in Delaware….we absolutely love her and she has been the best dog i ever had she is a Golden Lab mixed with something unidentified….she moved with us here to Florida…and then we have Chewbacca (or Chewy) so named because he chews everything he is only a puppy. almost 4 months old…he is a yorkshire terrier that is driving me batty in his puppy stages. He is a great cuddle bug for me though when he wants to be. I really have to get on some real training with him…I would love to teach him the bell trick…so much to do so little time 🙂

  3. I have a miniature poodle named Cocoa who will be 5 this summer.

  4. I’m not here for the giveaway, just to say – I love this post!
    I don’t have a dog at the moment, I have a cat, but I grew up with dogs and cats (and more animals)

  5. We have a 4 year old pit bull mix and a Siberian Husky who both love milk bones! Thanks! I am a new follower and I LOVE crafting & creativity blogs!

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