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Today I’m sharing a little update from a natural beauty post where I shared two of Zakia’s Moroccan beauty skincare products I previously reviewed. There are several natural products in this line that are good for at home beauty skincare treatments and that can improve your skin. I did finally receive the Kessa Royal Traditional Glove to use with the Beldi Black Soap. In addition Zakia’s graciously sent me a sample of their Argan Oil for not having the exfoliating glove available sooner. I really have been enjoying these beauty skincare products and using them for an easy at home beauty regimen. I’ll share my review of these new products, a few beauty tips, along with linking to my previous post.

There is something to be said about caring for your skin. The other day a lady asked me how old I was, as she couldn’t believe I had children way older than Sammie. I told her my age and she said, you look like your 35 years old. Wow! I never in all my life would of thought that but, I’ll take it.

I still can’t believe the compliment! Honestly, I think it was mostly because I had just had my hair done, had given myself an at home beauty skincare treatment and had on makeup. You know that all adds to dropping the numbers. I’ll never have that youthful look I had in my 20’s /30’s but, I still like to keep my skin looking as young as possible. Who doesn’t? If your young, your never too young to start caring for your skin and giving yourself skin beauty treatments at home. 

Beauty SkinCare

Skin Beauty Treatments At Home

Beauty | Easy At Home Beauty Skin Treatments

Honestly I wish I took better care of my skin in my twenties and thirties. I didn’t use the best products then. I didn’t hydrate my skin on my face as much as I should of. And I sure could of protected it more from the sun! Now, I’m making up for lost time with a daily routine that includes using beauty products that can help with the affects of aging, environment and sun. I did receive these products for free from Zakia’s Morocco via Brandbacker But, these are my 100% honest opinions about the products used. 

Beauty Skincare:

Beauty Zakias Morocco Black Soap and glove

Beauty Skincare; 

Natural Beauty Products Review:

Be sure to visit my previous post to see the full details and review of:

Beauty Zakias Morocco Black Soap Close Up

Beauty Skincare; 

Today’s Natural Beauty Products Review:

Here are my thoughts on the Kessa glove and Argan Oil

The glove is made of a soft material that has a little texture to it. Perfect for exfoliating. But, not so rough as to irritate your skin. Here’s where you can view how to use the Black Soap with Kessa Glove and it’s benefits. I can’t wait to see how it improves my skin with extended use. I already enjoy using the Black Soap several times a week. Having the glove to exfoliate will improve it even more.

The Moroccan Black Soap and Kessa Glove are to be used a few times a week. I love how refreshing it makes your skin feel! With no extra oils being added to your skin. To hydrate my skin I then used their Argan Oil. It does leave a smooth shine, that soaks into your skin. I typically use Argan Oil without wearing makeup in the early morning or evening after washing to let it soak in to hydrate my skin on my face and neck. 

I also love using the Argan Oil for my hands, nail cuticles and after showering for elbows. Of course this would be great for a home pedicure too. On the skin of my hands I can see a remarkable improvement in the texture as it hydrates and gives my skin a smoother look. Nobody likes old lady hands. My mom used to complain about her neck showing signs of aging. She would of loved this product for that. 

Beauty Zakias Morocco Argan Oil

The Argan Oil; Argan Oil has numerous benefits including protection against fine lines and wrinkles on skin and neck, moisturizing dry skin, protection against stretch marks, neutralize free radicals, add shine to hair and strengthens dry and brittle nails. The product is available in a few types and sizes. 

To keep your skin looking young be sure to clean, exfoliate weekly (depending on products frequency / read the labels), hydrate and use a good sunscreen or makeup with sunscreen. Just by adding a few key easy at home beauty skincare treatments and beauty products to your daily / weekly regimen can make a huge difference on how your skin looks. 

Beauty Skincare| Zakia s Morocco Black Soap

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Do you have a favorite at home beauty skincare treatment you use? 

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  1. WOW, I have never seen a soap like that.. it looks very interesting.. i will have to check it out! I love argon oil for my hair, esp in the summer.

    1. Hi Lauren, Neither did I. It’s really good you take it and lather it up in your hands. It only takes a little for your face and you can use it on your body and for shaving legs too. Yes, Argon oil for hair is great. Sammie’s hair is pretty wild with curls and frizz, it really tames it and gives a great look.Thanks for stopping by!

  2. These products look crazy, but that’s my favorite type of product! I love using Argan oil for my hands/nail beds especially.

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