Fashionable Sewing Diy Round Up

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Dear Creatives, I had something planned for today, but had to scrap it until next week. I was trying to find something that just sparkled in my eye. I haven’t posted about Fashion in a while & when I saw this diy I thought perfect, not to mention I found plenty of links to tutorials to keep you busy! Every now & then I like to dress things up a bit. I have always been a big fan of tights for winter. When I saw these I had a purpose for all those misc. sparkly beads I didn’t want to throw out.


Park & Cube

Somethings never go out of style they just evolve! Yes, I may be a bit behind the times when it comes to fashion, but I think this is worthy of still trying to do! You can find the tutorial @ Park & Cube.


diy with Brittni

Get your hands out of your pockets gals & get crafting this weekend! You’ll have no problem having fun crafting & getting more fashionable with this post from Brittni from PapernStitch guest posting on Oh, hello friend. From transfers onto fabric like this one above to pretty patches on sweaters, leather cuffs, earrings with feathers…..You can grab any of the 7 tutorials here. If you are into sewing this is a great list of sewing tutorials all in one spot at Cotton & Curls.



Where have you found great diy sewing tutorials or fashion inspiration?




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