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Weekly Meal Planner + Grocery List

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Do you need a meal planner to print out? I like them for scheduling meals for the week! I designed a new Weekly Meal Planner plus, grocery list. You can print one or both.

On the weekly meal planner, there is a small space for adding groceries. But, if you are shopping for groceries and need a bigger grocery list I created a printable grocery list too!

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Weekly Meal Planner

Printable Meal Planner - Weekly Meal Planner and Printable Grocery List -DearCreatives.com
Meal Planner Printable and Printable Grocery List

This weekly meal planner printable has spaces for all 7 days of the week. You can add breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or just meal plan your dinners… There is also a space to add groceries you may need. If the grocery list isn’t big enough print out our additional grocery list printable.

Why meal plan? Meal planning helps reduce food waste and can keep your budget in line. Who doesn’t like that?

Use your grocery list at the grocery store or when shopping big box stores like Costco, Smart & Final, or The Grocery Outlet…

I made it simple and put all the PFD Files and PNG files in one folder you can pick which ones you need and print them! (There is a version with no graphic on the grocery list too).

The only things you will need are a printer, computer/printer paper, and the link to the files (which are below). If you print a lot of things. I highly recommend the Epson Eco Tank Printers. You can go to that page, scroll down and compare models if you need a new printer. What type of printer do you have?

Weekly Meal Planner Printable and Printable Grocery List - DearCreatives.com

On this weekly meal planner

  • The meal planning list has 7 days of the week
  • Enough spaces for breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas
  • Small space for shopping list – essentials or reminders
  • Use the grocery list below for the shopping list for the grocery store

Print The Meal Planner (PDF)

Print The Meal Planner (PNG)

Printable Grocery List

Weekly Meal Planner and Printable Grocery List - Easy To Print -PDF and PNG files for the free printables -DearCreatives.com

This list includes headings and spaces on the grocery list for

  • Produce
  • Frozen Foods
  • Canned Goods
  • Condiments
  • Pantry
  • Other (which could be for meats and other items you need)
  • Dairy

Print The Grocery List (PDF)

Print the Grocery List (PNG)

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Thanksgiving Day Planner Printables

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The Thanksgiving Day Planner Printable Bundle includes pages for a Weekly to-do list, a daily to-do list, Meal plan sheets, Guest Lists with space for food allergies or notes, Pot luck planning sheets, and Shopping lists. In PDF format to download and print instantly for a no-stress Thanksgiving plan, dinner, and holiday weekend.

Use these printables any time for meal planning and for your holiday meal planning! What day of the week do you meal plan and grocery shop?

Happy Printing! I hope this makes your meal planning and grocery shopping a little nicer.

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