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Start Journaling – Art and Journaling Ideas

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Are you in a creative slump? Have you wanted to learn how to journal? Or art journal? Journal to heal?… Grab these art and journaling ideas.

I am sharing resources you will love using! Begin your art journaling journey today. Or brush up on new techniques.

Art and Journaling Ideas

Are you in a creative slump? Have you wanted to learn how to journal? Or art journal? Find journaling ideas, prompts, inspiration... DearCreatives.com

Sometimes all it takes to make art is a few supplies, inspiration, ideas. Grab your notebook to start making art and journaling. The more you create and write in your journals the better you get. This practice will make it easier to get your creative juices to flow.

What is an art journal?

  • What I love about journaling is that there are no mistakes. Art Journals are your safe space to write what you want, create what you want, and explore art.
  • Most artists use them to explore their art, write down craft notes, paint recipes… and write notes on what they are creating.
  • Use art journals as a way to heal. Or manage stress and anxiety, practice mindfulness…
  • Explore creativity! Even if you don’t think you are artistic. An art journal is a great place to start to make art.

Tips And Ideas For Journaling

Have you wanted to learn how to journal_ Or art journal_ Find journaling ideas, prompts, inspiration, plus our favorite - art journaling magazine... DearCreatives.com

The awesome thing about journaling is you don’t have to draw, you can use paper, write with pens, use paints… Any supplies, scraps of papers, self-adhesive lace tape, bits and bobs, washi tapes… will fit perfectly in your mixed media journals.

I keep my precision scissors, glue sticks, pens… and other craft supplies specifically for journaling in an extra-large pencil/storage case like this.

Mixed Media Techniques For Art Journaling!

Page 72 - Peek inside art journaling magazine A creative blend by Kristin Peterson... Stampington Winter Art Journaling Magazine

You can also art journal with magazines. First, read the magazine. Then cut images from the pages. Or rip sections to add them into your journals. They are great for layering or adding images when you don’t want to draw or paint!

  • There are so many ways to journal!
  • Get inspired!
  • And get started on journal pages!

Art Journaling Magazine

The winter issue of Art Journaling Magazine! This magazine (and other arts and crafts magazines are available) GO HERE To Grab The Instant Download

Art - Journaling-Magazine - Winter Issue - Stampington

Find painting and sketching, stamping, and collage art… Each issue of Art Journaling Magazine is filled with innovative techniques. Giving you ideas to try in your own journal.

Peek inside the winter issue of the art journaling magazine to see all the journaling ideas and inspiration...

Included in the Winter Journaling Magazine:

  • Peruse a perfectly shabby vintage-inspired fabric journal
  • Exploring artistic inspiration from A to Z
  • Learn how to transform vintage postcards into a multilayered art journal
  • An ode to wildflowers blooming with natural touches

Instant Download Art Journaling Magazines

Instant Download on sale for Art Journaling Magazine

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If you are looking for more creative, art, green craft, inspiring, art magazines to help you get creative or journal. Pop over here to see all the magazines in the Instant Downloads Library

Or go to subscribe to this art journaling magazine. It happens to be on sale right now! If you order it now, you will get your first magazine in time for spring. Published quarterly. You can have an entire year packed with ideas and inspiration to get you creating in your journal books or on your journal pages!

PS The Art Journal Starter Set is on sale too! Perfect for beginners.

  • Art Journaling Subscription
  • Description:Subscribe to one of our bestselling magazines, and receive bursts of creative inspiration from Art Journaling — four times a year. Each issue is packed with creative journal prompts, along with tips, tricks, and techniques from the industry's hottest
  • Art Journaling Spring 2021 Pre-Order
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  • Make Every Day Count Journaling Bundle
  • Description:Shine a spotlight on life's most significant moments and everyday wonders with our Make Every Day Count Journaling Bundle. We’ve paired Art Journaling Winter 2021 with with a beautiful, clothbound notebook from Papaya to bring you hours of journaling
  • Art Journaling Starter Set
  • Description:This new bundle has everything you need to begin your journey into the wonderful world of art journaling, and learn new techniques to take your craft to the next level. This Art Journaling Starter Set Includes: Art Journaling Autumn 2020 Dina Wakley Media
  • Somerset Studio Winter 2021
  • Description:Play. Create. Be INSPIRED. Somerset Studio has everything you need to get those creative juices flowing, including 160 pages of inspiration, free clip art pages, artist paper tear-outs, interactive prompts, and new “playshops†for experimentati

I promise to share the latest mixed media journaling/notebook project I am working on soon.

Happy Journaling!

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