Got Turkey? Chicken? Beef? Wrap It Up! Wrap Sandwich With An Easy Homemade Spread #Recipe

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One of the things I love about Thanksgiving besides the chance to spend time with my lovely family is left overs! Yes, after all that cooking you have a few days of ready to heat or make meals. But, we all love putting a spin on the traditional! I mean how many days can you eat just turkey with gravy or…? Honestly this spread will go with other meats besides turkey, like chicken or beef. If you love Mediterranean foods then I think you’ll love this easy homemade spread recipe for your turkey wraps!

The great thing about this recipe is it’s semi homemade which means you can add it to your meal plans and use it anytime. You can go the extra mile and make the homemade pesto sauce which is so easy to do if you want but, if your running around shopping you just might want to pick up a jar of pesto and make this recipe. You’ll also need 1 jar of roasted red peppers (preferably packed in water) and mayonnaise plus a few other items listed below.

Turkey Wrap Sandwich_Wrap Sandwich with homemade spread_© 2014

The ingredient list for making the Turkey Wrap Sandwich with Easy Homemade Spread;

  • Jar of Pesto Sauce (or make it homemade)
  • Jar of Roasted Red Peppers (packed in water)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Flour Tortillas
  • Roasted Turkey or other meat (Perfect for Turkey Leftovers or Roast Turkey Deli Meat)
  • Lettuce (we used ice-burg but, any will do)
  • Blue Cheese Crumbles (optional)

Mixing spread_ Pesto and Roasted Red Peppers_© 2014

You’ll also need;

  • A small mixing cup
  • A couple of teaspoons
  • Your serving plates

Here’s how to make the Easy Homemade Sandwich Spread;

Pesto Roasted Red Pepper Spread_Step by step how to make the homemade pesto and red roasted peppers spread © 2014

Grab your mixing cup this recipe is only for a few servings you’ll have to double it for 4-6 or triple for 6 or more. But, your ingredient list will be the same.

  • Add these ingredients into a cup and mix together!
  • Chop a roasted red bell pepper
  • Add 1 teaspoon of mayo
  • Add two teaspoons of pesto sauce

Tortilla with homemade spread on it_ © 2014

Spread it onto your tortilla. Lightly or generously like this one. The Mr. is totally into Mediterranean flavors. He came in the kitchen and asked,” can I have that?”

Turkey wrap sandwich with pesto roasted red pepper spread_

I said yes but, you have to wait until I’m done taking photos! lol  I guess I should of made one first for him and then been taking photos. My bad!

Turkey wrap sandwich with blue cheese crumbles ready to be wrapped_© 2014

Oh, blue cheese crumbles. How we love thee. My favorite is having them on burgers. We used to go to this little hamburger joint called The Garden Grill just outside of town in Guerneville, CA. They had the best grilled blue cheese burgers! Yummy!

Turkey Wrap Sandwich with pesto and red pepper spread_turkey wrap

It makes me miss Northern California so much. I love the trees, river and the beach. If you ever get to travel north of San Francisco be sure to hit the Russian River area and coast line. I added a little cranberry sauce on the side and since he couldn’t wait to eat it. I didn’t take a photo with sliced oranges which I was going to add to the plate. Making a colorful and delicious lunch that’s not heavy.

You can use this recipe with beef and chicken too. Not to mention it’s very adaptable. No soup making this year! Just enough left overs for sandwiches and wraps!

What do you like to wrap in your wrap sandwiches?

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