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Free Printable Summer Activities Sheet

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Free Printable Summer Activities Sheet – This template/worksheet is perfect for kids (tweens, teens, or adults) to use and fill out.

List all the things to do in the summer. Or any adventures they (you) want to take, food they want to eat, places they want to go…

Summer Activities Worksheet

Summer Activities Template Printable - Get this free summer printable worksheet to fill in with your summer adventures...DearCreatives.com

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Summer Adventures List

On the printable worksheet are spaces for kids (or others) to fill in things to do this summer.

  • Experiments To Do
  • Places To Go
  • Must Eat
  • What To Read
  • Try Something New
  • What To Watch
  • Crafts To Make
  • Help Others

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How To Laminate Printables

By laminating the printable it will make the sheets reusable.

Free Printable Summer Activities Sheet

Print The Summer Activities Template/Worksheet

PNG Files For Summer Activity Sheet

Free Print Summer Activities List - Template -Worksheet to fill in things to do this summer. Places to go, must eat, try something new, what to watch, what to read, crafts to make... DearCreatives.com

PDF Files For Summer Activity Sheet

Use this printable for your kids or grandkids! This is the freebie for the month! If you are new here don’t forget to subscribe!

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