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I wanted to share some flowers that were in bloom in my backyard. This may well be some of my color inspiration for the week~Left to right; is a Butterfly Bush, Pomegranate flower, Chives flowering, Rose. When I combined these images I thought how nice it would be to see them matted and framed just like this! What is blooming in your flower garden? I have been taking an e class, Sammie is on summer vacation and hubby is working out of town and weekend after next is my second youngest daughters bridal shower~ One word, busy! So forgive me if I am not blogging quite as often with crafty goodness and tea parties. What is going on in your summer right now? Are you crafting? Tending to the garden? Making some sun tea? I love mine with lemon~ How about you?

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  1. You have a fantastic garden! I'm a rookie when it comes to gardening. Kind of a hit and miss for us. We found that our grape tomatoes didn't like where they were planted so we moved them elsewhere in the yard. I think the birds dropped sweet potato flowers in our backyard, we now have Okinawan sweet potatoes; meat is purple after cooking.

  2. Love all your pretty flowers, and your garden must be looking gorgeous.
    I do not have any flowers about as it is winter here in NZ. I am going to prune the roses in the weekend.
    I will have some white camellias in a month or so.
    Enjoy your daughters bridal shower and have a lovely weekend


  3. Hello- Your flowers are lovely. My blue star willow is in bloom. Have a wonderful time at your daughters bridal shower and take care.

  4. i am jealous- your flowers are beautiful.
    very few of my flowers are thriving- the heat is really getting to them, and the squirrels and i are in battle over if they belong in the pot, or pulled out and thrown on the sidewalk! it's very frustrating…

    have a great weekend! 🙂

  5. Beautiful flowers! I have been in a blogging funk too, for 2 months! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me Birthday greetings, you are welcome to visit any time! have a great weekend!

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