Halloween Candy Bag Tutorial Step 5

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Putting the bag Together

#1 Image of how to attach front, back sides to bottom pinned and ready to sew>

Only sew what is necessary to attach and trim. ( 5/8″ to 3/4″)
#2. Sew into place see directions step by step below~

#1 Pin your Front and Back to the bottom of the bag ( larger parts connecting) with the wrong side of bag on top of the right side of the bottom of the bag ( so when your sewing is complete the seams are on the inside )

Check yourself when you pin it! Sew into place.
#2 Now pin your sides to the bottom and place on each side ( smaller parts connecting) Sew into place.
#3 Now pin your Front to sides (check yourself) & pin your Back to sides. This makes your bag its shapes Make sure the right sides are together so the wrong side of the fabric is in the inside of the bag. This is easy to check prior to sewing by looking at it pinned! (see image below for example)
#4 Sew into place from Top of seams to bottom of bag. Do not sew too far into the bottom. ( just enough to connect the fabrics) That is why you sew it in this order! Ease of construction!
#5 Only trim as needed on the inside of bag – do not get too close to seams!
In this image you see the sides attached to the bottom I checked prior to sewing~ To ensure attached correctly. All seams on the wrong side of fabric~
Now go to how to add on handles to the finished bag!

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