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1.Pink Lemonade Craft or Garden Apron, 2. lolliPOPs!, 3. pattern, 4. Before and After Thread Bag, 5. flores e espinhos…, 6. teeny weeny., 7. Crafty Pay It Forward Cowl, 8. Dou-te o meu coração 🙂 / I give you my heart 🙂

I was looking for a little crafty inspiration tonight and this is what I found. Handmade aprons which I always love. I like to use mine when crafting or painting. Cute little ribbon and spool dolls. I was so excited to find these because we just got some round wood beads at a yard sale and I think it is a project my daughter can do with me. She is dying to learn how to knit or crochet too. But I haven’t done either since I was a teen. But one of her sisters knows how to knit so maybe when we go to visit she can help us with that. I love hands on learning for something like that! I also saw this cute little bag makeover. A baby bag turned into knitting thread bag.
And who wouldn’t love a doll hand crafted holding a heart~

For you crafty ladies who crochet here is a free pattern I came across for a lovely cowl like the one above. And if you don’t want to make your own apron but were swooning over the craft apron you can look at Pamwares Etsy Shop. Or if you rather give it a go, here is a apron tutorial from One Pearl Button. But what ever you do have a wonderful day ~

What crafty inspirations have you seen lately? Has it made you want to sew? or knit and crochet? What projects with the kids or grandkids do you have this summer in the works?
I am listening~

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  1. well that's a lot of crafty inspiration….

    lately, i've been immersing myself in my own crafty nook of the world…creating away….
    but there is always loads of great inspiration here in blog land!

    thanks for sharing..and for your visit and comment!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. I love the wonderful crafty mosaic you have shown today ~ the pink is so pretty.
    I have a lot on the go a cross stitch, and always a bear or at the moment a Scotch terrier, that is waiting to be finished.

    Happy week

  3. Hello- I adore spool dolls, they do bring a smile to ones face don't they, and these are exceptionally sweet. As for inspiration I have a million little cardboard tubes that I will be crafting into something or other next month. Take care.

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