“Tea Cup Pin Cushions” To Make

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Have you ever wanted to make Tea Cup Pin Cushions? I am inspired to make a pin cushion after spotting so many cute teacup pincushion ideas. This is such a fun way to upcycle old teacups but, you can use a new one too. This is a pretty, and easy way to store sewing pins, needles, and safety pins… Keeping your sewing notions handy while sewing. 

Grab your supplies at yard sales, thrift shops, look at your grandma’s stash or purchase the sewing notions you need. Make one for a handmade gift idea or decorate your sewing room with it until your pincushion is needed. 

Tea Cup Pin Cushions 

Tea Cup Pin Cushions- 10 tea cup pin cushions to make. Easy hand sewing and no-sew ideas for cute teacup pincushions. #teacuppincushions #dearcreatives
These pincushions are made with a teacup that has a fabric stuffed insert (cushion) for holding your needles and pins. There is nothing hard about making them, the teacup pincushion instructions come with hand-sewing, sewing, no-sew options, hot glue and gluing to help you make your own pincushions. 


Here’s a list of the supplies you may need for several of these tutorials for how to make a teacup pincushion. 

  1. Pretty Fat Quarter Fabrics in assorted colors (light green fabrics) (pink fabrics) (fabric squares in assorted colors and patterns) (shop for more fabrics here)
  2. Or use your fabric scraps
  3. E6000 glue (or) Mod Podge Glue (or) Hot Glue Gun
  4. Needle
  5. Threads
  6. Fabric sewing stuffing, Poly-fil
  7. A used or new teacup 

This teacup craft is a beginner craft idea that anyone can make by using the various versions and tutorials. Pick a tutorial, see the instructions for how to make a pin cushion in a teacup to get started. 

Tea Cup Pin Cushions To Make

"Tea Cup Pin Cushions" To Make

Are you looking for ways to make your own pincushions? Try making "Tea Cup Pin Cushions" this is a budget-friendly idea using a few supplies and a teacup to make a pincushion. Grab no-sew and hand-sew ideas with a growing list of tutorials with instructions for how to make tea cup pin cushions.

Use them for handmade gifts or make one for yourself. Store your sewing pins, needles, and safety pins or hat pins in your cute Teacup Pincushions.

Couldn’t you see making a whole bunch of pretty pin cushions and lining them up on a tea cupboard, shelf or hutch for display with your sewing or crafts? Pull them down to use.

Or use them for handmade gift ideas for birthdays, Teacher’s Gifts, Mother’s Day, and Christmas gifts. You could make so many different looks by choosing different materials and styles of teacups. 

This project is going on my list in the coming weeks and I can’t wait to show you the results when I am done! Now off to find the perfect tea cup to match my craft/sewing room. What crafting projects have you done with teacups? Do you think this is something that you would make?

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  1. Hi, these are wonderful teacup pincushions. I don't have that many teacups, but if I did, I would certainly try creating one of these myself. Perhaps one day I may 🙂

    Have a wonderful Teacup Tuesday!

    Warmest, Brenda

  2. Thank you for your fab post about tea cup pin cushions. The last one is very elegant.
    I love making pin cushions too. But I haven't done a tea cup yet.
    Thank you for sharing with us today.

  3. You are pretty inspiring……now we'll all be headed to the Goodwill to get cups to make pin cushions out of! They are great and loved your post this week!

  4. Hi: When I saw your post, it made me remember I had one of these cups. I will have to find it for next week. It is not as cute as yours. I love the hot pink one! Thank so much for sharing. Blessings, Martha

  5. Hello- I have a pincushion teacup I made out of a chipped teacup once upon a time. I love the first one and the idea of putting a tape measure around it and gluing buttons on the sides. That's just plain cute. Take care.

  6. Thank you for stopping by and visiting me on my first Teacup Tuesday.

    The teacup pincushions are beautiful…and a very unique idea. My favorite one is the last one.

    I have created teacup topiaries. I will have to post a photo one of these weeks.

    Patti (Of Days and Dreams)

  7. oh i love these so very, very much. i think i'm going to have to give it a go…and make a few…

    i have a few cups with missing saucers..what a perfect solution to those poor sad widows! lol

    thanks for the inspiration!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. okay if you want to have a small laugh..

    my dog starts barking at the mailman while i wrote the last comment…so i go and pick up my mail…

    and yes, you've guessed it….at the very moment that i was on your site, your manilla envelope has arrived! at last!


    i haven't even opened it yet..
    going to do so now!

    thanks again!

    ciao bella

  9. oh thanks so much!

    that was such an added bonus and surprise!

    you are so kind…thanks again!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  10. Very cute. Would love to have the sweet pincushion for display. If I used it I would break it! Love teacups in any fashion.

  11. These are all so cute. I am sure it is easy to make but I am allergic to sewing and irons and only like to play with FLOUR:-)

  12. Hi there; your teacup pincushions are beautiful. I've made only one a few years ago. It was for a ribbon embroidery class I attended. Then after the class we had a tea party. I'll try and post it after I learn more about your's and Terri's Teacup Tuesday.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. no way??!! those are so cute. i'm not much of a sewer, so i didn't even know there where such cute pin cushions out there in the world!

    thanks for visiting my blog and so glad it led me to urs!! 🙂

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