13 Ways To Look Boho Chic But Not Hippie

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You want to dress hip? Always eyeing Boho Chic Fashions? But, you want to be able to take that fashion look to work, school or in your everyday lifestyle. Maintain a vibe of freedom, independence with an artistic or musical flair. Yet, not be associated as hippie. A counter culture that formed out of a movement from the 60’s. What’s really great about the Boho Chic fashions are they can offer a lot of comfort and style. But, how can you incorporate the looks into your work, mom or everyday fashions with out looking like you just rolled out of a commune?

Take any of these top 13 trends and layer them into your wardrobe. You can balance that fine line of freedom and creative with traditional by adding key pieces. Here are some examples of how to layer the boho trend to get the look you want, Boho Chic.

Boho Chic Fashions |How to Wear Boho Fashions

Boho Chic Fashions

Boho Chic  Fashion Styling Examples:  

Take the blanket skirt with a more traditional turtleneck pull over pair it with heels or a pull on boot that doesn’t have fringe.

Bring back a vintage flare leg jean paired with a more modern ombre top.

Accent your wardrobe with jewelry pieces such as a fringe necklace (make your own with this jewelry DIY), drop earrings or a cross  pendant necklace.

Top off an outfit with a oversized knit sweater or knit gilet (vest) vs a blanket poncho.

When off work wear a floppy wool hat  or beaded headband. At work options an infinity scarf or tie a scarf in your hair.

Don’t forget to pull your look together finishing it off with cross body bag, tote or messenger bag. You could even pull off a mini backpack just leave off the fringe. Pick leather or faux leather it’s totally up to you.

Boho Chic Fashions

Fashion picks for boho chic:

  1. Blanket Skirt
  2. Flare Leg Jeans in ’70s Blues
  3. Easy Cable V Neck Pull Overs
  4. Casual Ankle Boots
  5. Hammered Drop Earrings
  6. Ombre Top
  7. Beaded Headband
  8. Gemstone Cross Pendant Necklace
  9. Oversized Knit Gilet
  10. Fringe Necklace
  11. Floppy Wool Hat
  12. Crochet Infinity Scarf
  13. Low-Rise Tied Leather Belt 

Where to get the Boho Chic fashions:

Here’s some other ways to rock the boho fashion trends!

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What is your favorite way to rock boho chic fashions?

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    1. Hi Lauren, I agree some can rock the look more than others. It’s all what you feel comfortable with. I have two daughters that can wear boho & look amazing.

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