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Swimsuits for women that you can actually wear by the pool, beach, or at the resort. Hot topic! This swimwear is on sale right now. We love BOGO sales. Don’t you? Spring is almost here and summer will be rounding the corner. One of the most dreaded things a lady can do is shop for a swimsuit.

Let’s be honest shopping for swimsuits isn’t my favorite thing and I doubt it’s yours either. With that said, I have made a list of swimsuits and swimsuit ideas I think you will love wearing at the beach or by the pool to swim or lounge in.

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Swimsuits for women - swimwear that you will want to wear to the pool or beach. Get ready to grab the newest swimwear styles... DearCreatives.com

Our list of swimsuits for women include swimsuits with shorts, one piece swimsuits, two-piece swimsuits, rash guards and swimsuit coverups. Plus a bogo sale on women’s swimwear!

Swimsuits For Women

  1. Are you a mom who is chasing around your kids at the beach? Or into surfing? Shop any of these suits for active women.
  2. A few of my favorites are this Women’s Tie Back Long Sleeve Cropped Rash Guard Swimsuit – All in Motion™ and this Women’s Side-Cinch Long Sleeve Rash Guard – All in Motion™ Snake Print pair it with the matching swim shorts in snake print or black swim shorts.
  3. Check out these one piece swimsuits! There are so many priced to grab right now!
  4. Last year I bought this swim romper. It was my #Targetfind I love the quality and fit of it. It’s a one piece but you can check out their two piece options too!
  5. Are you ready to shop for swimsuits? See this years newest swimsuits.
  6. Don’t forget to grab swimsuit coverups! I love this paisley print coverup also available in black and rose color.

Right now at Target you can buy 1 get 1 50% off women’s swimwear! (LTO) Buy these swimsuits or swim sets to use for your spring and summer swim or beach activities and adventures!

Fun In The Sun!

A few more of our favorite swimsuits for fun in the sun! Don’t forget to take your sunscreen (our favorite)!

Swimsuits for women. One-piece, two-piece, swimsuits with shorts, rash guards and swimsuit coverups. DearCreatives.com
Swimsuits for women

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Where to shop for swimwear?

Here are just a few of our favorite places to shop for swimsuits.

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More places to shop for swimwear for women – Beach, pool, resort and travel swimsuits to pick from. Shop the look

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