Get Ready For This Week’s Project Runway! Last Week The Bejeweled Challenge

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Another week of Project Runway has come & gone now heading us into week 3. Before I talk about the next challenge this past weeks was full of jewels & making a dress to compliment the expensive jewelry that the models wore. Each designer having a different model & set of jewels having to design then construct the dresses befitting them to showcase the jewelry.

First thing that comes to mind is satiny fabrics, sheen fabrics, simplicity in colors but, not each designer saw it that way.Pushing the envelope proved hit & miss for several designers with yet another being sent home.

Project Runway, Season 12 Week 2

As Zac Posen said, ” Love, blood sweat & tears but, if you don’t deliver, you don’t deliver.” Not harsh words, it is a contest & only the best are moving on until the best in the judges eyes wins. Tim Gunn agreed with the judges this week & didn’t use a save for Kahindo. Kahindo picked a fabric that was soft & silky but had a print on it distracting for the jewelry.Tim helped her cover it with another fabric to tone it down. No fancy dress, no pretty fabric & it didn’t stand anywhere up to the rest showing off the jewels, so she was eliminated.

Kate winning design, Project Runway, week 2 season 12

The winning look presented by Kate, who was brought back for this season. Was a om-age  to Marie Antoinette. Styled in a flow y fabric, in a shade that didn’t distract from the jewelry. Hair & makeup perfectly done to add to the styling. It was stunning, as was a few others. If you missed it & want to catch up you can over on but, better hurry before Thurs.’s show. This time they are taking carnival prizes that they win & using the fabrics from those stuffed prizes for their designs.

Crazy or amazing we will have to wait & see! It’s sure to be a challenge working with those colors & fabrics. I just wonder what the design challenge end result is suppose to be. Don’t you? Thursday I’ll be waiting to see the strategic moves, time management & delivery of the design challenge! For now, Auf Wiedersehen.

Do you have a favorite designer yet this season? 

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