Fashion Design Meets Crayola Crayon Collaboration

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What happens when fashion designers meet crayons? They take color inspiration, crayons and create designs! Crayola Crayon Collaboration with Bloomingdale’s Spring Looks Inspired Designers 100% Bloomingdale’s Spring 2015 Campaign. We were inspired to create some Crayola Fashions too! And what did we come up with? Well, fun easy to make Crayola tee shirt fashions but, before I share our fashion meets crayon craft project let me share a bit more about the Crayola Bloomingdale collaboration.

You know how we love style, fashions, art and crafts. This project really grabbed our attention: Bloomingdale’s had commissioned designers including Cynthia Rowley, Nanette Lepore, Rebecca Minkoff, and Rebecca Taylor to create Crayon-assembled garments. Crayola assessed each designer’s look and paired it with a complementary classic Crayola hues in the blue, green, orange, and yellow color families. The result was seven one-of-a-kind creations, with intricate details ranging from a bustier of crayon tips to crayon-interpreted lace. 

Fashion Design 

 Fashion Design Bloomingdales Crayola

This inspiration challenge was met by starting with Crayola Melt Down Art Sets. Included in the kits are Crayola’s colors are: Blue – Midnight Blue®, Indigo®, Denim®; Green – Illuminating Emerald®, Jungle Green®, Mountain Meadow®; Orange – Bittersweet®, Mango Tango®, Sunset Orange®; Yellow – Banana Mania®, Laser Lemon®, Unmellow Yellow®.

Fashion Design with Crayola Crayon Meltdown Art Set


Now you don’t have to be a fashion designer like the people we are sharing today or a craft expert to use these Crayola Meltdown Art Set kits you just have to follow the directions and make sure your work space is properly covered with plastic or other protective materials to keep the melted wax from getting onto your table surface. This is a project perfect for kids ages 8 and up with supervision. The kits come with everything you need and we outline our craft projects tomorrow. We added designing tee shirts ourselves to create casual fashions. We’ll cover how you can create them too. 

Displayed in a gallery setting and alongside the exclusive clothing that is now available for purchase, the figures were viewed in the Bloomingdale’s Lexington Avenue windows in early March, followed by in-store tenure at the Bloomingdale’s Soho location. Both stores, along with Crayola, hosted soirées to celebrate the collaboration. Bloomingdale’s 59 Street hosted several events earlier this month.

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  • Get inspired by Bloomingdale’s colorful fashion and art by following @bloomingdales on socialmedia where you can join the conversation. 

What types of fashion meets art have you tried crafting? 

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  1. I have never seen a dress from crayons! Wow!

    Bloomingdale’s has beautiful dresses! Our store closed a few years ago, but it’s always good to know I can shop online.

    1. Hi Stacie, There were several designer dresses made with them. They were all pretty cool. I think there is still one in SF and I know they are in LA but, both are four hours from me and I have to shop online too.

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