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What is it about a good boot? Do you have a shoe obsession too? I’ve tamed mine a little but every year I cave to a pair of boots. I love them for under jeans, with skirts and just plain slipping on to go here or there. Don’t you? But, last years boots as much as I loved them were a bit too high to wear as often as I’d like. This year I promised myself I’m investing in a new good short boot. Since I was fashion spotting boots for women, I thought you’d like to see the long and short of my boot spotting.

While we love the tall, high boots often times they are not practical fashions for walking or standing all day. We tend to pull those out for events, special occasions or holidays. I don’t live in the snow but, when I visit my brother and his family in South Lake Tahoe you need a good boot that doesn’t slip. Then there is everyday. I love getting boots this time of year as they start going on sale, some with big discounts!

Boots for Women

Boots for Women-Fashions

Vest Shown Figue Julie Vest $1950! Similar $150 Vest | Similar Skirt | Fuzzy Sweater | Boots |ISL Bracelet

For every day I like a boot that is flat, sometimes lined with warmth and slip on. This might mean I need two new pairs of boots? An every day flat boot and a dressier short boot, or semi flat. Just not three inch or plus inches like last years. I don’t want to be having to slip off my boots in the car rubbing my feet.

Boots for women

Teens can be fashion crazy. What I love about Sammie is she is pretty practical but, trendy. She loves boots too and prefers shorter heels. Here are a few boots from long to short that we are lovin’. Of course I did start with the kind of boot you just drool over. Then into our picks. First mine then Sammie’s. Have fun scrolling them. I’d love to know what your favorite boots are?

Boots for women:

Boots for Women-Suede Wedge Boot

I promise to let you know which flat boots we end up getting. Here are the suede wedges  that I purchased last year and they are on sale at a great price! The wedge makes them more comfy than heels.

Bombshell status. Strut your stuff in this fabulously fashionable Sole Society boot. Showcasing a tall shaft in luxurious suede, Valentina sits on a wedge heel that makes it feel pretty fabulous, too. From Sole Society.

What types of boots do you love wearing?

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  1. Love your boot choices! It’s cold and snowy now so I have to start wearing my winter boots. Boy that vest is expensive. Cute but spendy.

    1. Hi Stacie, Thanks. It’s cold here but, we don’t get snow. We are finally getting rain. I about dropped when I saw the original one I found. It made the other one seem affordable. I’m on the look out. I thought it was cute too.

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