DIY Fairy Crafts – Fairy Houses And Fairy Garden Crafts

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DIY Fairy Crafts – Fairy Houses and Fairy Garden Crafts. Make crafts for the garden or in pots for indoors. With our list of fairy garden crafts to make build a fairy house inside mason jars or teacups… Find projects for the kids, teens, and adults. Enjoy an afternoon of crafting yourself or with the kids!

With summer upon us, Do you have kids or grandkids underfoot? Keeping them busy in the summer isn’t always easy. We love adding to our summer craft ideas and crafts like this are always a hit! Free play is great. But, we also like to have things planned to do, like crafting! Break up the day or just have a few hours of keeping them busy having fun!

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DIY Fairy Crafts

DIY Fairy Crafts - Fairy Houses and Fairy Garden Crafts for Kids, Teens and Adults that are fun and easy to make! DearCreatives.com
DIY Fairy Crafts

DIY Fairy Crafts - Fairy Houses and Gardens To Make

Bring out the whimsy and fun with these DIY Fairy Crafts! There are a mix of fairy crafts for kids, teens, and adults to make. Make your day sparkle and try any of these fairy house crafts and fairy garden crafts...

I love making fairy crafts. Do you? I can’t wait to share what crafts for the fairy garden we make.

Do you remember (years ago) when Sammie and I made a butterfly garden? With a butterfly house and butterfly feeder? You might like to make this project with the kids too! DIY Butterfly House + Butterfly Feeder. Related it this felt craft for a DIY Butterfly Pencil Topper.

You might like this DIY Fairy House. I spotted it on Pinterest. And check out our Fairy Crafts Pinterest board to see what other crafts we are pinning to make.

Happy Crafting!

What types of DIY crafts do you enjoy making?

I spotted some cute fairy craft supplies on Amazon!

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Fairy Crafts To Make - DIY Fairy Houses and Fairy Garden Crafts - 15 ideas for kids, teens and adults that are fun and easy! DearCreatives.com

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