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DIY Crop Top – Sew And No Sew Instructions

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Restyle an oversized T-shirt with this easy DIY Crop Top tutorial! You know those oversized t-shirts you get from the thrift store, as a gift, for high school sports, college tees, and conferences? Typically you use them for painting, PJs, or lounging in. But, with basic sewing skills, you can restyle it into a crop top. And if you don’t sew use fabric glue or iron-on hem tape. 

You can DIY your crop top from a t-shirt. Get ready to learn how to restyle an oversized t-shirt. Use our sew or no-sew instructions to make a DIY CROP TOP! Sammie was sent her college t-shirt. She’s GCU bound. Goodbye beaches hello Arizona Lopes Up! It’s big, purple, and has her college logo on it. She put it on and it was way too big. So she asked me to help her make a crop top from the big oversized T-shirt.

When I saw how much excess fabric would be left; I asked her if she wanted me to make a bandeau top (tube top) for summer. She said sure, so I also made a bandeau top. If your T-shirt is super big you can get 2 shirts from 1! 

I’ll share that DIY bandeau soon, so be sure to pin the post, subscribe. Come back for that tutorial because it turned out super cute. And it’s so easy! I’ll interlink the two restyle sewing projects so you can find them easily and see how to make them too! 

DIY Crop Top 

DIY Crop Top - Restyle Fashion - Restyle an over-sized t-shirt into a crop top... DearCreatives.com

To restyle your t-shirt and make a crop top; All you need is basic sewing skills, a sewing machine… or fabric glue to make it a no-sew project! You won’t believe how easy it is! 

Pick the method that you will use to make the crop top and get out your supplies. Then follow the instructions below for how to make a crop top. If you don’t have a logo on yours you can go shorter ( if you want to).

TIP: Be sure to raise your arms and bend down when the fabric is pinned (and the tee shirt is on). This makes sure you don’t cut off too much. For pinning, you will need someone to help you as you will be in an oversized shirt. 

This sewing machine is the most similar to the sewing machine I own. It is the Singer Sewing Machine 7258. It is a good machine for beginners. And for the more advanced sewer too. Any teen or adult can grow their sewing skills and not outgrow the machine while owning it. The sewing machine has many features. My favorite from speed control (which is helpful for beginners or those doing intricate sewing) to the computerized decorative stitches… 

Supply List 

For The Easy Sewing Restyle Project

  1. Sewing Machine (basic starter sewing machine)
  2. Thread 
  3. Sewing Scissors 
  4. Sewers Marking Pencil 
  5. Sewing Ruler 
  6. Sewing Gauge (If you don’t own one they are a lifesaver for helping keep hems straight!)
  7. Sewers Marking Pencil 
  8. Oversized T-shirt (high school t-shirt, college t-shirt, thrift store t-shirt…)

Optionally, a seam ripper is a must-have for any sewer. Especially, if you are a beginning sewer. Helpful tip: Always practice sewing on a scrap piece of fabric to set your stitches properly for your sewing projects. 

No-Sew Supply List 

For The Oversized T-Shirt Restyle

  1. Sewing Scissors 
  2. Sewers Marking Pencil 
  3. Sewing Ruler or Yard Stick 
  4. Sewing Gauge 
  5. Fabric Glue or Iron-on Hem Tape 

Restyle an Oversized T-shirt

DIY Crop Top - Restyle an oversized T-SHIRT _ How To Make A Crop Top From A T-Shirt - See the full instructions for DIY _RESTYLE at DearCreatives.com

DIY Crop Top From T-Shirt 

  1. Measure the fit of the T-shirt on the person who will wear it. Decide where to cut the fabric, and allow a little extra room for making the hem. (about an inch extra)
    How To make a Crop Top from a t-shirt - Pin shirt while on allowing for hemming. DIY at DearCreatives.com
  2. Use a sewing ruler or yardstick and fabric marking pencil to make the lines for where to cut the t-shirt. Mark the cutting line all around the T-shirt (front and backside with lines meeting).Using a sewing ruler and a sewers marking pencil to mark the fabric cut line - DIY Crop Top instructions at DearCreatives.com
  3. Snip Cut the edge with sewing scissors. then cut around the t-shirt with one layer (vs. cutting both front and back at once) This gives you extra fabric to make the bandeau top! Save it for later.
    Snip at edge after marking but follow cutting line one layer at a time, until fully cut. Instructions for how to make a t-shirt into a crop top. DearCreatives.com
  4. (Have your shirt inside out!) Make a hem by turning up the bottom edge, measure 5/8 inch, and placing the sewing foot directly on the folded edge. (NOTE: You are working on the inside t-shirt and not the front/top (right side). Sewers say the wrong side of the fabric. 
    Measuring and sewing the hem line as you go. Sewing hem line for DIY Crop Top - plus no-sew options. DearCreatives.com
  5. If possible use a finishing hem. A zig-zag or straight stitch will work too. Remember to use a start/reverse/start-knot stitch when beginning and ending your sewing. Sew around the entire t-shirt making the hem 5/8 inch. Trim excess threads. 
  6. Turn the t-shirt to the right side of the finished project. Tada! You made it and it’s ready to wear. 

DIY Crop Top - How to restyle over-sized t-shirt into a crop top. DearCreatives.com

DIY Crop Top No-Sew

Follow the Steps above 1-3 then instead of sewing make the hem 5/8 inch (working on the inside of the t-shirt) and use fabric glue like Aleene’s (or adhesive hem iron-on tape) to make your hem secure. If using the iron-on hem tape follow directions on the package.

If using the fabric glue follow the directions on the package. Let the fabric glue dry or hem cool down and follow step 6. 

Who is ready to make a cropped T-shirt from their high school or college sports T-shirts? 

If your T-shirt is plain you might like to try and DIY this style crop top with a split open back for summer. 

DIY Crop Top - Style Any Oversized T-Shirt Into a Crop Top Sew and No-Sew Instructions and How-To. DearCreatives.com

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