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Welcome To Buttermilk Kitchen – Cookbook Review

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It’s been a while since I received a new cookbook. I was sent, Welcome To Buttermilk Kitchen to test out for free, and today I am going to share a few things about this new cookbook, along with my cookbook review.

Welcome To Buttermilk Kitchen

Cookbook Review - Welcome To Buttermilk Kitchen - DearCreatives.comAuthored by Suzanne Vizethann and beautifully photographed cookbook, with photography by Angie Mosier the cookbook’s emphasis on breakfast and brunch. 

You will find all the classics, French Toast, Buttermilk pancakes, mastering eggs of every style to… Moving on, find waffle burgers, chicken and waffles, caramelized banana oatmeal, granola, green fried tomatoes…

Desserts like cake donuts, mason jar banana pudding made with a homemade pastry cream (which looks divine)…

Welcome To Buttermilk Kitchen - cookbook review - © DearCreatives.com

Beverages such as cold brew coffee, cold brew Russian… I tried a version of the Strawberry-Iced Green Tea Latte, making it slightly differently and adding blueberries, here’s how I made the recipe, Iced Strawberry Tea, it’s so refreshing. I will be excited to try a few more recipes and create variations from this cookbook. 

There are plenty of classic southern recipes like grits, fritters, and cornbread. 

Welcome to Buttermilk Kitchen

My thoughts on the cookbook 

If you are a big breakfast person, have a family who loves breakfasts and brunches, loves to make brunch, and someone who loves hosting family and friends. This cookbook is might be for you. 

With that said, there are plenty of recipes you might not eat daily but, plenty for the weekends you want to savor by cooking a good meal and sitting at the table before lounging in the backyard or heading off for a full day at the beach. 

You won’t find muffin or bread recipes but, several desserts. You will find a few healthy recipes in the mix of recipes to make. 

There is a kitchen playlist of music (fun), staples which are building blocks to other recipes. (some in large quantities.) 

I personally found in the first 30 pages not useful to me, that said it includes endorsement, introduction, forward, then pantry and equipment. Plus, the contents table, which is useful. 

But, there are plenty of recipes I would and will try as I went through the book. 

Welcome To Buttermilk Kitchen - open to pages in cookbook section on biscuits - DearCreatives.com cookbook review.

My top recipes to try next from the Welcome To The Buttermilk Kitchen cookbook;

  1. O.G. Buttermilk Biscuit (page 59) which needs European butter and full-fat buttermilk. This has me thinking they are going to be melt in your mouth biscuits my grandma made. I might try the variation with raw honey.
  2. Blueberry Basil Jam (page 66) perfect to make since I am growing fresh basil, includes simple ingredients plus apple pectin
  3. Pimento Cheese Spread (page 82) or it’s a variation with Mexican cheese. I have never made homemade pimento cheese spread and I think this would be something amazing to have as an appetizer on crackers. By the way, there is a cracker recipe in the cookbook too that looks amazing. 
  4. House seasonings and rubs. (page 50) because it’s grilling season!
  5. Green Pickled Tomatoes (page 38) We have tomatoes growing in the backyard this year! 

Welcome To Buttermilk Kitchen - cookbook open to section with a homemade crackers recipe. DearCreatives.com

The author of the cookbook is Suzanne Vizethann of Atlanta’s critically acclaimed restaurant Buttermilk Kitchen. Know for its Southern food, this cookbook is all about breakfasts and brunches. Guy Fieri calls her the brunch queen.

Find out more about this cookbook, Welcome To The Buttermilk Kitchen that is available where books are sold, on Amazon, and available for preview or purchasing. 

What was the last cookbook you cooked from? 

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