Citrus Body Butter Recipe Step By Step How To Make Body Butter Plus Book Review The Smart Mom’s Guide To Essential Oils

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I tried a new diy beauty recipes for citrus body butter while reviewing a book all about essential oils that is packed full of recipes. I really enjoy making diy beauty products. Do you? Today I’m sharing the recipe I tried along with the review of the book, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils

The first recipe I wanted to try from this book was the homemade citrus body butter. It had been a while since I have made my body butter – hand lotion recipe.

DIY Beauty Recipes

Citrus Body Butter

DIY Beauty Recipes- Body Butter-Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils I'm sharing a citrus body butter recipe and DIY along with the book review.

How to make homemade body butter: 

Step by step how to make body butter

The steps for making body butter is quite easy. This post may contain affiliate links, at no cost or price change to you. We will earn a small commission for qualifying purchases.

DIY Beauty Recipes- Citrus Body Butter recipe lime and sweet orange essential oils art naturals

You’ll need half cup of coconut oil, half cup of almond oil, 1-8 ounce jar of shea butter and essential oils ( 20 drops lime, 10 drops orange or your favorite essential oils).

DIY Beauty Recipes glass jar for your homemade beauty products

Kitchen supplies you’ll need a double boiler, hot pads, stainless steel mixing bowls, a hand mixer, spoon, spatula and jars with lids

  1. Gather all your supplies. 
  2. Make sure your all your items are clean and sanitized. 
  3. Add your first 3 ingredients into a double boiler. 
  4. Next melt while stirring.
  5. When melted turn off stove, take pot off double boiler and let cool 
  6. Add essential oils
  7. When melted pour into a stainless steel bowl (or other mixing bowl) 
  8. Put into fridge to harden
  9. Take out and mix with your hand mixer until well blended
  10. Scoop into clean, sanitized, dry jars and add tops onto them. 

DIY Beauty Recipes How to Make Body Butter and other beauty diys step by step and resources for homemade beauty products.

Now your body butter is ready to use. Make sure your hands are clean when using. 

DIY Beauty Recipes Resource book The Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils by Dr. Mariza Snyder

DIY Beauty Recipes Resource

While flipping through the book, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils trying to decide which new essential oils recipes I wanted to try I noticed it’s full of practical, holistic solutions. The book covers the history of essential oils, how to use and store essential oils, recipes for everyday emergencies, green recipes for the home (cleaning recipes), natural beauty recipes, aromatherapy blends, self care wellness, women’s hormone health and essential oils. 

In the everyday emergencies the book covers recipes for common ailments for children and the recipes are broken down by age. Example: 1-5, 6-11. 12-17. 

The book also covers application techniques, safety tips and precautions. Along with the 25 must-have essential oils, with in depth information. 

While this 210 page book covers detailed information on the benefits of every type of oil, tips for safe practice and a list of resources it does not have pretty photos or step by step images. But, it is a great reference book for moms or anyone looking to get the most from their essential oils. Or try new DIY beauty recipes – essential oil recipes. The recipes in the book are easy to follow and use. 
Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils: Natural Solutions for a

You can preview or purchase The Smart Mom’s Guide To Essential Oils on Amazon. At the time of this review the book is on sale. It’s available in book and kindle. Find out more about the author Dr. Mariza Snyder, from the link above too. 

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