Blood Orange Oatmeal Scrub

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Are you ready to make an exfoliating scrub? We are sharing our Blood Orange Oatmeal Scrub. Who is ready for some natural beauty tips and this beauty DIY? I don’t know about you, but I am so glad spring is here! I was so tired of the cold weather.

I know Sammie was ready for the change in weather as well. One thing we noticed was how dry our skin gets in just a few months of cold weather. Let alone all winter long! One sure-fire way to get my skin ready for those cute spring clothes and sandals is to exfoliate. 

Be sure to see all the DIY Beauty Recipes we have them for every season to make your skin feel AMAZING!

Natural Beauty Tips

I love making my own body scrubs because it is so much cheaper! Also, I can make whatever scent I like, which I thoroughly enjoy. With just a few ingredients, I can have my body scrub made and ready to get rid of this dry skin. I use it in the shower before I lather up. It rinses easily and leaves my skin feeling and smelling fantastic!

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Blood Orange Oatmeal Scrub

How to make an exfoliating scrub

Beauty DIY Blood Orange Oatmeal Scrub Homemade Beauty Products

Homemade natural beauty products are great not only for you but, wonderful for gifting someone for a birthday, bridal or baby shower, Mother’s Day and even for Christmas.Beauty DIY Blood Orange Oatmeal Scrub Homemade Beauty Products Gift Ideas

They really can be the best handmade gift for any occasion. Add a fancy bow, fresh flowers or faux flowers to the jars when gifting. They are easy to put together and use. 

Natural Beauty Tips blood orange body scrub diy

You can even have an at-home spa party if you’d like. When all my girls lived at home we’d love having at-home spa days. Who doesn’t love a spa day?

Oatmeal Scrub Supply List

If you can’t find blood oranges where you live you can order Blood Orange Juice and drink what you don’t use. If you are making a bunch of gifts this is the best deal on quality Oatmeal in larger quantity.

How to make Blood Orange Oatmeal Scrub Recipe

An exfoliating scrub that has a lovely scent and is perfect for preparing or reviving dull-looking skin.

Blood Orange Oatmeal Scrub DIY


While in the shower, u


Blood Orange Oatmeal Scrub Recipe


Beauty DIY |Blood Orange Oatmeal Scrub

Looking for more scrubs to make? 

Try this Homemade Chai Sugar Scrub. Find all our natural beauty recipes (here). 

Here are some fun items that I’ve sourced for you; that you may need when creating your homemade natural beauty products:

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