Tea Cup Tuesday

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Oh hello friends, Here are some roses fighting for space waiting for their time to bloom and on my window sill this is where I keep a few of my mom’s keepsakes so I can see them every day. This happens to be a teapot that was handmade by a local Lake Tahoe artist. The artist and my mom took a pottery class together. My mom was just a beginner but they became friends prior to her passing and she had given her this hand painted tea pot~ Now I have this to remind me of her. It also reminds me that with honing in on our crafts one day we each shall bloom when the time is right~ So keep creating, keep inspiring with time and patience we can make beautiful things just like this artist did. Never give up on your dreams~

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  1. I think alot of women 'back when' went to these china painting classes. I have a few plates that my great-grandmother painted and adore them. In the same style as your teapot! The colors are similar as well as the design. Oh, and beautiful rose photo…I bet it smells heavenly!

  2. Beautiful teapot and memory. Thank you for sharing, it's memories like this that make teacups and other things true treasures. Take care.

  3. Very beautiful, especially because of the memories that go with it. As I said in a comment on another blog, I think those things that are laden with memories are the most beautiful things we own, don't you?

    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  4. i love that you have your mom's keepsakes out so you see them each day- and i love what you said at the end of your post today. inspiring! 🙂 thank u

  5. That is so special that you have some of your mom's treasures right there to see. What a lovely reminder for you. It is a really beautiful tea pot. Imagine painting that???
    I also love the rose you posted. So beautiful.

  6. Ohhhh what beautiful words. So true we all bloom when the time is right. Love your teapot too. It really holds some special memories for you. That is great!

  7. What a beautiful post you have shared today, the teapot is so pretty and even more special, that it belonged to your Mother.
    The rose is gorgeous and love the blue sky in the background.
    I love the quote ~ Never give up on your dreams.


  8. Hello, friend,
    Beautiful post today!! Love your roses. . . the teapot is so pretty and what a great reminder of your mom and her friend. Wishing you a blessed Friday and terrific weekend. Thank you so much for coming by for a visit. Vicki

  9. You have a beautiful teapot, and this is a beautiful post! LOVE your blog in general actually, so I've just become a follower! I have two blogs.. one that covers just one specific cross stitch/embroidery project, and then one that covers everything else! I love crochet, sewing, and all kinds of crafts. It's just GETTING to them that can be tricky sometimes!… Enjoy your day, and have a great weekend! ~tina

  10. The lovely Teapot is as lovely as the story of your Mother! What a beautiful Treasure you have to remind you not only of your Mother, but to be creative! I would love for you to share your One of a Kind Lovely Teapot with me next week on Tea Time Tuesday! I just love this Teapot! The rose is so pretty! Put it in a vase with the Teapot to make a vignette! So pretty together!

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