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How to Get More Creative Time In Your Daily Routine

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Do you ever wonder how to add creative time to your daily life? Do you set aside time to get creative, and to make art? Do you like to journal, paint or draw? I may have mentioned I have wanted to set aside more time to focus on my art work, art journal and journaling. I really enjoy my creative time but, often find myself too busy to slip creativity into my daily routine. Does that happen to you? Let me share a few tips on how to help you with making a creative daily routine, and get your creative time in. 

  • This post was sponsored by Derwent Academy as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. 

Creative Time

Do you ever wish you had more time to get creative? We are sharing time saving tips on how to add art back into your routine. Plus journaling and art tips. DearCreatives.com #DerwentAcademy #IC #ad #art #journaling #journal #creativetime

What inspires your creativity? I’m often inspired by looking at nature, taking walks, looking at art, visiting museums, and looking at creative illustrations online. Or by taking an online art class. For time saving, I love journals. 

Why journal?

JOURNALS are easy to take out, and take with you. Journals are so handy to have for when you don’t have a lot of time!

What I love about using journals, or art journals is it’s your space to practice. You don’t have to be an artist to get creative in your journals. It’s a great way to get working on skills, and art techniques. It’s also great for writing down your thoughts, healing, and creating lists by making bullet journals. You don’t have to share your work with anyone unless you want to.

I’m going to share a few practice pages from my art journal, and then how you can make more creative time for journals or artwork.

watermelon, pineapple, strawberries art journal creative time DearCreatives.com #derwentacademy #IC #ad #journals #artjournals #art

You might remember this post ( Journaling Ideas, Tips, and Resources to Kick up Your Journaling ) where I shared how to get started with journaling, and all the types of journaling you can do. Pin it to read later, and Pin today’s post for later too! 

I am an art and crafts supply junkie. What do I mean? I love using all types of supplies, and making mixed media art. I have to admit, I was feeling a little rusty from not making art, and sharing it with you sooner. 

acrylic paints Do you want to get more creative See how to set up creative time. Tips for journals, art journals, and making time for art. DearCreatives.com #derwentacademy #IC #ad #journals #artjournals #art

Get Started Journaling

How to paint a rose. First outline, next use color pencils, and markers, next follow paint steps. See how at DearCreatives.com #drawing #art #journal #roseAn example of layering with various art supplies is this painting. Step 1 -3 is shown above, in this image. Below includes Steps 4-8. This painting was created in a journal.

How to paint a rose

  1. First outline the rose shape with Derwent Academy Sketching Pencils (Look at a rose, or image of a rose for inspiration. Perfection is not needed.)
  2. Next, add lines, fill in petals with Derwent Academy Watercolour Pencils 
  3. Use Derwent Academy Twin-Tip Markers brush side for background, and detail lines for petals, and leaves. 
  4. Then paint over rose, and background with Derwent Academy Acrylic Paints 
  5. Let the paint dry.
  6. Then add more markers if wanted. The Derwent Academy Twin-Tip Markers offer flexibility for crosshatching, layering, and blending. 
  7. Finish by topping with acrylics for details, and textures. How do you make texture? Use less water, and pat the paint onto the paper, or canvas.
  8. Use white for highlights, and darker shades for shadowing.
  9. Step back, and look at your work from a distance when working on your art.
  10. You are done when you like what you see! (art is subjective, and not everyone will like your art)

Roses with markers, and acrylic paints DearCreatives.com acrylic paints Do you want to get more creative See how to set up creative time. Tips for journals, art journals, and making time for art. DearCreatives.com #derwentacademy #IC #ad #journals #artjournals #art

In person the layers are prettier, and catch the light differently than in a photographed image. It shows much more depth in person. All the art supplies we tried, and used are high quality art supplies. 

Art supplies #DerwentAcademy #IC #ad See how to use these art supplies and, how to make creative time....DearCreatives.com

Did you know that Derwent Academy offers a full range of high-quality art products? Are you an artist? Hobbyist? Or just getting started with art or journaling? These art products are made for every level, including students. 

Play in your journal

What weight papers are good for painting in a journal or creating art? 

art journal with colorful art with circles. DearCreatives.com acrylic paints Do you want to get more creative See how to set up creative time. Tips for journals, art journals, and making time for art. DearCreatives.com #derwentacademy #IC #ad #journals #artjournals #art

I have several types of journals, and papers various sizes.

  • I have a journal for sketching, cutting, pasting, stickers and writing (lighter paper).
  • I have larger mixed media journal for creating original art for prints (heavy weight paper)
  • Right now my favorite is the smaller mixed media journals (8 x 10 and 9 x 11). (medium-to heavy weight paper)
  • Mixed media journals can take drawing or acrylic paints, and water colour painting, pasting, layering….
  • If you like to experiment in your journals by layering, mixed media, and painting use medium to heavy paper which is 70 lb., 80 lb., or 90 lb. weight papers. This is the perfect weight paper:  Derwent Academy Journal   

Tips for layering in your artwork

In the image above there are several layers of acrylic paint. Working a section at a time, limiting too much water will help keep your paper from curling. So does the heavier weight papers. You can experiment with shapes (draw them freehand), color, practice drawing. Make backgrounds, and write over them with felt pens when they are dry. Just set up your creative space, and get experimenting, making art, and journaling.

For healing journals write, then paint or color over the writing. This helps when going through painful times of loss, or stress…. 

Set up your journal space

Do you want to get more creative See how to set up creative time. Tips for journals, art journals, and making time for art. DearCreatives.com #derwentacademy #IC #ad #journals #artjournals #art

How to find time to Journal and Create Art

  1. Set aside a time of day that works for you to get creative give yourself at least 30 minutes to 1 hour or more. (Examples: Kids rest or nap time, kids playing at friends house, when kids are at school, in the evening when kids go to bed or make a family art time.) 
  2. Use a smaller size journal (9 x 12) or   Derwent Academy Canvas, and Paper  They are easy to pull out or take with you.
  3. Pick your favorite art supplies; See them all at Derwent Academy 
  4. Put your art journal supplies in a basket or canvas bag. (This makes it easy to take with you or take them out, and put them away.)
  5. Keep your art supplies in their cases or add them to pencil bags. ( make your own zipper pouch – pencil art bag.)  
  6. I like keeping my Derwent Academy Twin-Tip Markers in a plastic zipper pouch. These markers I used are dual sided, one side is brush tip, and one hard tip. (I find them perfect for journaling)
  7. Recycle small containers for water, and dispensing / using acrylic paints. Or grab a paint palette
  8. Keep brushes in a jar, or create wrap storage for your brushes.
  9. Have old magazines, stickers, and colored papers for collage or layering + a glue stick, and washi tapes. Use a stationary box to house them.
  10. Allow your self to experiment, and get messy.
  11. Give yourself 15 minutes clean up time.
  12. Repeat the process daily or at least a few times a week.
  13. Watch your skills, and creativity grow.

Can you use water colour pencils in your journals? 

things to do - journal page using markers, pencil, and water color pencils DearCreatives.com #derwentacademy #IC #ad #journals #artjournals #art

Yes you can! Have you ever used Derwent Academy Watercolour Pencils? They are so versatile. You can draw with them dry and, then dip your paint brushes in water to make your washes. They are perfect for making light washed backgrounds in journals. I used the water color pencils for the cotton candy, and ice cream images. I used this style for a bullet journal of things I needed to do, and plans for Samm’s Sweet 16 party. 

Make sure to use paper that can absorb water and paints. (NOT slick or overly thin.) If you are worried, do a test to see how paint flows, or if markers bleed through, and looks on a test paper you use.

  • Squeezing out excess water in your paint brush will help for creating details, and sharp edges.
  • Use more water for washing out and making translucent backgrounds.

art-supplies-Derwent Academy Art Products DearCreatives.com

Who is Derwent Academy?

  • Did you know the Derwent brand dates back to 1832? Derwent Academy is a new line of high quality art products. From student to artists of all levels. No matter where you are at in your art journey we think you’ll love this brand of art products. 
  • Visit our sponsor for more ideas, and information. Use the hash tag #DerwentAcademy on social media to see what other art is being made, and shared.
  • Share your art, and journals with us by tagging us on social media @DearCreatives on Twitter, and Instagram. Or drop by our Facebook page to share. 

Find out more about Derwent Academy

What type of art or journaling do you enjoy making? How do you make creative time for yourself? 

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