OraMD Natural 3-1 Tooth Paste Alternative:Review +Giveaway

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Dear Creatives, I reviewed OraMD which is an herbal 3-1 liquid toothpaste, mouthwash & breath freshener. OraMD is made in the USA It is 100% Pure botanical Oils of Almond, Spearmint & Peppermint. I have used other herbal toothpastes before but, never drops. I often have shopped our local health food stores to find ways to be healthier & use more organic or use more natural products. Below I have shared some of the information about OraMD & my experience using while reviewing OraMD along with the review there is a giveaway & three lucky winners will receive a bottle of their own to try.

You can use OraMD instead of toothpaste. It comes in a small glass bottle. The drops are easy to come out & get onto your toothbrush or just use as a mouth freshener. From my experience when you first use OraMD it is a little strong you can use 2-5 drops. At first I wouldn’t use 5 drops I would use a lesser amount. I would get used to the difference & allow your taste buds to adjust. I have to say it leaves you mouth super fresh feeling & a cleaner taste in your mouth than regular tooth paste. I didn’t contact my dentist or hygienist to get his /her opinion but, if you are concerned you can prior to making a change. You still have to floss as you normally would. I do like using this method of teeth, mouth & gum cleaning. I don’t think my young daughter would like it, but then again she didn’t try it. (She has a geographic tongue where the taste buds are on top, instead of on the bottom & flavors seem more enhanced to her)


Snapshot of my Conclusion with the use of OraMD – Review:


  • Mouth feels fresher
  • Natural product
  • two types: original or extra strength
  • buy 2 get one free offer for returning customers


  • You need to get used to the taste 

Trusted Health Products

This information is being shared from OraMD’s fact sheet:

  • It is recommended to brush twice a day using 2-5 drops, floss & rinse when you use OraMD & of course follow the hygiene instructions provided by your dentist & hygienist & have regular dental cleanings & check ups. 
  • OraMD cleans & polishes teeth but, does not whiten ( for whitening you can use baking soda & hydrogen peroxide 2-3 times per week if you use a whitening tooth paste rinse & use prior to OraMD )
  • OraMD is safe & recommended for children age 3+ with no allergies to peppermint, spearmint or nuts (1 drop for children)
  • Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Do not swallow
  • Avoid eye contact
  • OraMD can be strong the first several times you use it; this will subside within 2-7 days
  • Bottles have tamper-evident caps


OraMD cost comparison:

  • $15.31/ mo 1 product with the three uses
  • $36.76 / mo 3 products Fluoride free toothpaste, healthy gums rinse breath mints
  • $20.99/mo Clinical gum protection toothpaste, teeth & gum rinse, breath mints  ( most commonly used)
  • $13.23 Cheap Conventional products toothpaste, mouth wash, breath mints
  • Ora Care includes the cost breakdown on a directions sheet with brands but, you can see  it is comparable in price with several mouth care choices

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Visit Trusted Health Products-OraMD to find out more about OraMD or purchase. Don’t forget to try & win a bottle of OraMD for yourself via the giveaway contest!

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Disclosure: This is my honest opinion of my experience using OraMD your experience may differ from mine. I did receive the product to enable my review directly from Trusted Health Products.

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