Great for Crafting! Treat Bags 4 Designs Great Price! $3.99 for 40!!

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When it comes to fall there are plenty of opportunities to get crafting or baking & giving. These handy treat bags are one way to get started.They come from Pick Your Plum & are in 4 great designs & for a great price. I have seen these bags elsewhere for 10 for $3.99 but, Pick your Plums Offer is for 40 at a great price of $3.99!

What’s great about these bags is you can stamp them, tie them, embellish them, stuff them gift them or use them any way you like!


Simple. Classic. Unique.
Three words that describe these treat bags to a T!
Sorry this image/offer no longer available check Pick  Your Plum for the latest deals!

There is something about a brown paper bag that is romantically simple reminding us to slow down and enjoy the life we are working so hard to fill full of wonderful things. Add on trend designs and we are in love! Thanks PICK YOUR PLUM

Each set comes with 40 kraft bags.

  • They are food safe and have a grease proof liner.
  •  4 designs to choose from
  • At $3.99 for 40 bags 

Saving you money? We LOVE that! Cookies & treats of all sorts protected by the  food save & grease proof liner. But, don’t stop at the treat option! Oh no. We are entering the count-down-to-the-next-holiday season.

Need some more ideas check out my packaging board, but don’t forget to, grab your kraft bags! *Before they run out!!

These are fantastic for that! Crafting up some pretty packaging! From back to school to dressing them up with some Halloween or fall flair for your table settings. What about sending your kid to school? We bet that putting veggies in these bags will make them more fun to eat. What ever you decide to do with these cute bags you can’t beat the price! & cute designs!!

How much fun can come in a bag?

PICK YOUR PLUM OFFER 40 bags for $3.99

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