Healthy Protein Snacks That Are Plant-Based!

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We were introduced to healthy protein snacks. These are a new packaged snack, that is a healthy low-calorie snack that is high in protein.

Have you been focusing on a healthy lifestyle? Or are you about to? Are you working out, running, hiking, or playing sports? Then you are looking for healthy snacks to eat after a workout, on the trail, or in between meals.

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These healthy snack ideas are a new plant-based, protein-packed snack that we tried for free recently, this is a sponsored post.

Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Snacks - Working out you need a healthier snack option go for plant-based protein snacks. Find out more at DearCreatives.com healthy lifestyle tips

Workout, get outdoors, mind/body balance, and snack mindfully. Resolutions to live by!

Happy Little Plants Plant-Based Protein Puffs

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Happy Little Plants - Plant-Based Protein Snacks
Happy Little Plants – Plant-Based Protein Snacks

So drumroll please, what rolled out of these snack packages? Plant-based Protein Puffs! HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS® Protein Puffs were created to give you healthy everyday snacking. These new snacks are easy to grab, pack and take, open up, and go straight into your mouth!

Healthy Protein Snacks

Happy Little Plants Plant-Based Protein Puffs -Nacho Cheese DearCreatives.com.

The protein snacks come in three flavors cinnamon sugar, nacho cheese, and ranch.

cinnamon sugar protein puffs © DearCreatives.com
  • My two favorites were the nacho cheese and ranch which surprised me.
  • Why? Mainly because I love cinnamon sugar flavors so much.
  • The cinnamon tasted more like a gingerbread-like flavor to us. Or was it a slight, aftertaste? (Just my honest opinion)
  • If you like gingerbread you may be a fan of this flavor.

Don’t expect that chip flavor you know, it’s slightly different yet similar in taste. You can purchase these snacks in a variety pack or by the flavor.

Happy Little Plants Plant-Based Protein Puffs - Ranch - DearCreatives.com.

Why is this a high protein snack? The protein puffs are packed with 16 grams of protein.

  • Perfect for after exercising or in-between snacking…
  • Packaged for healthy snacks on the go.
  • Are you eating plant-based? This just might be the protein snack you are looking for.
healthy snacks with high protein and low calories... © DearCreatives.com

Healthy Low Calorie Snacks

The snacks are sourced with non-genetically engineered ingredients, no preservatives, and are gluten-free! At 140 calories (150 calories for the cinnamon sugar), per serving size which is one bag (find out more on the packaging). These make a great snacking option! Available in packs of 12, Variety Packs, or solo packs of your favorite flavors.

Healthy snack options for anyone who is looking for a high protein snack - Healthy lifestyle tips DearCreatives.com.

What new snacks or products have you tried lately? Have you ever tried HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS® Protein Puffs?

To find out more visit happylittleplants.com and purchase these snacks on Amazon and have them shipped straight to your door! Plus, right now (subject to changes in pricing) there is a $4 off coupon, just head over to try these Protein Puffs, and click the checkbox before checking out, to get the deal.

I don’t know about you but, I’m ready to put away the holiday eating and snacking, and reach for things to eat and snack on that are healthier. Are ready to turn over a new leaf this year?

I always love having healthy snacks, fruits, and water to reach for. What about you?

Happy Snacking and Healthy Living! Join us on our journey to better health! See all our lifestyle posts.

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