Butterfly Craft With Popsicle Sticks And Yarn

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Butterfly Craft With Popsicle Sticks And Yarn – This butterfly craft for kids is really simple to do. I’ve seen some more intricate designs but, thought I’d share a simple butterfly craft that you can make with the kids. It only takes a few supplies!

The grandkids came over for a visit and I’ve been crafting with them. We decided to make a butterfly craft. First I showed my granddaughter how to make them. And then she could make them on her own. Looking for other ideas to make with the kids? Crafts For Kids

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DIY Butterfly Popsicle Stick

Craft For Kids

Butterfly Craft For Kids - DIY Popsicle Stick Butterfly - Fun kids activity for hot days or rainy days! DearCreatives.com

You can make this butterfly craft any time of year! It’s the perfect kid’s activity for hot days or rainy days.

This yarn butterfly craft only needs pretty multi-colored yarn. Popsicle sticks or Crafts sticks like this. Elmer’s glue or Tacky glue (my favorite), pipe cleaner, pom poms, and kid’s scissors.

supplies for making Popsicle stick butterflies - craft sticks, yarn, pom poms for crafts, pipe cleaner... See the tutorial with images and finished craft at DearCreatives.com


Or grab a craft kit like this that includes everything you need for crafts like this!

How To Make Popsicle Stick Butterflies


Butterfly Craft With Popsicle Sticks - use craft sticks, yarn, pipe cleaner, pom poms, glue, and scissors. How how easy it is to make this kids craft! See the step-by-step tutorial with images at DearCreatives.com

Make a butterfly with craft sticks with yarn

  1. First glue the craft sticks in a crisscross pattern. Let it dry.
  2. Next, wrap the yarn around the center of the craft stick and tie a knot.
  3. Begin wrapping the yarn (leaving it on the yarn ball) around the popsicle stick/craft stick.
  4. Move all the way in one direction wrapping the yarn go near the end of the craft stick.
  5. Now, move the yarn from the front to the back holding the yarn tight. Cross sides.
  6. Then, begin wrapping the yarn in the opposite direction on the front (leaving it on the yarn ball) around the popsicle stick/craft stick.
  7. When near the end and both sides are wrapped. Take the yarn to the back, and cut the yarn leaving enough to tie off the string into a knot. Make a knot.

Make the antennas

  1. Cut one pipe cleaner into two pieces.
  2. Make a small ball shape at the top of each half of the pipe cleaners.
  3. Glue it to the back of the yarn-wrapped butterfly.

Attach the pom-pom to make the butterfly head

  1. Next, add glue and attach the pom poms on the front of the antennas on the yarn-wrapped butterfly.
  2. Press to hold it in place for a minute.

Now the Popsicle Stick Butterfly is ready to dry. When it’s completely dry the kids can play with them or help them hang them up. I hope you get to try this easy craft for kids. Help your preschoolers do this craft to make a butterfly craft with preschoolers. It really helps kids with manual dexterity, patience, and concentration.

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DIY Butterflies With Popsicle Sticks and Yarn - Butterfly Craft For Kids - With a few craft supplies make yarn butterflies on craft sticks! DearCreatives.com

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Happy Crafting!

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