Amp Up Your Health With Elderberry Gummies For Kids & Adults!

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Elderberries have been on my radar for a while now. I love finding ways to be healthier, don’t you? Last winter, I was reading all about how elderberry gummies and elderberry supplements such as; herbs, syrups, and gummies but, I never bought any. I found out how they can help support your immune system. I thought I would pass on these healthy lifestyle tips I learned and share vitamins/supplements that I had a chance to try.

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Are you looking for ways to be healthier? Or boost your immune system? I know I want our family to be as healthy as they can be all year long and ready for the flu season. Get ready to boost your family’s immune system with these healthy living tips and an Elderberry Gummies discount for you, at the end of the post. 

Give Your Health A Boost With Elderberry Gummies!

Healthy living tips - Elderberry Organic Gummies for adults and kids - see the benefits of using elderberry to support your immune system - ©

Recently, I was talking with a neighbor of mine while the grandkids played with her kids outdoors and she learned about the benefits of elderberry a few years ago. She added them to her daily routine for her family back then and she swears by them.

Her young daughter doesn’t like the taste. They take the liquid syrup and a different brand. You can see why we like Norm’s Elderberry gummies below.

  • We received samples of Elderberry Gummies to try. I received both the Elderberry supplements and Elderberry gummies for kids. We received these products for free from Norm’s Farms and MomsMeet
  • Affiliate links may be in the post. We earn a small commission for qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

Affiliate links may be included in the post. By clicking the links for qualifying purchases we earn a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you.

What types of benefits do you get from Elderberries?

American Black Elderberry is a super fruit that contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. They can help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart, too. Some experts recommend elderberry to help prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms. (source) It is still recommended that you do get a flu shot, btw.

Norm’s Farms Elderberry Gummies

Norm's Farms Elderberry Organic Gummies for adults and kids - are a way to boost your immune system... ©

These products are available at select stores and on Amazon (Norm’s Gummies) or at Norm’s Farms directly with the link and discount at the end of this post!

Norm’s Farms donates a penny per gummy to Love One International. That’s 60 cents donated for every bottle you purchase. I think that’s awesome!

Norm’s Farms Elderkids Organic Elderberry Gummies

These elderberry supplements are all-natural. They are USDA organic, Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and TRU-ID tested.

Norm's Farms Elderberry Organic Gummies and Norm's Farms Elderkids Organic Elderberry Gummies © Theresa Huse
  1. These supplements; Elderkids Organic Elderberry Gummies are for kids (ages 4-12) The supplements have Elderberry and can provide you with zinc, vitamin C, and probiotics.
  2. The kid’s gummies with elderberry are for children (4 years of age and up). How old are your kids? These are perfect for my grandkids. By taking 1 gummy per day, it can help a child’s immune system and give them digestive help. (They are soft, easy to chew, and have a fruit-like flavor)
  3. For kids ages 12 and adults, take 2 Elderberry Organic Gummies per day.

Can you take elderberry every day?

If you are interested in adding elderberry to your diet for its immune system boosting properties, a teaspoon of homemade elderberry syrup per day is a conservative recommended daily serving. (source)

  • For me, and my family gummies are our preferred method of taking Elderberry as a health supplement. They are easy to take (chew and swallow) and have a fruit-like taste.
  • But, if you prefer, Norm’s Farms does have elderberry extract liquid and for the kids a children’s formula elderberry extract that includes blueberry juice.
  • Getting organic elderberry into your diet has never been easier than with Norm’s Farms. I was excited to find out that they also carried other Elderberry products such as; dried herbs, extracts, syrups, jams, and sampler packs beside the gummy elderberry supplements.
Try Norm's Farms Elderberry Organic Gummies and boost your immune system. Find out the benefits of elderberry and these products are in this review...©
I’m so glad I got to try these products!

Are you ready to try Norm’s Elderberry products for yourself or give to your kids?

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