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Dear Creatives, Since we are just past the holidays I thought I would create a post of my favorite tutorials I have found saving the list to help me for when I get my dream dslr camera & then a few inspiring photographs to swoon over. Hope this helps all the new camera owners & inspiring budding photographers with your learning curve & techniques.


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Grab your new cameras, dust off your old camera & get ready, set, grow!

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Whether your cameras are vintage, point & shoot or dslr there will be something for everyone in this top ten photography tips & tutorials list, dslr or not.



Don’t be a deer in the headlights! Because I know I want to be able to take images like this one by Alicia Vega! What about you? Do you enjoy photography?


  1. Tips for beginners *DPS
  2. 31 Days to a better Photograph*series
  3. Photography Portrait Tips *101
  4. Getting The Shot Indoors
  5. National Geographic Photography Tips
  6. I Heart Faces / Tutorials
  7. Food Photography Kit Basics
  8. Basic Digital Photography 
  9. Cambridge In Colour Photography Tutorial & Tips
  10. Textures & PhotoShop Techniques


I hope you enjoy photography even  more after reading some of these tips, along with tutorials making your results easier to achieve & if you have photography or something creative to share be sure via the submit button on the site or email me to be a featured artist.

What kind of camera do you use? What is your dream camera?

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