Tips For Shopping Amazon Prime And Prime Day

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Do you like shopping online? Amazon is a great place to shop online. It’s seriously the best! You can find the things you need and get it quick. But, there are a few things to know. We are sharing tips for shopping with Prime to help you get the things you need into your shopping basket.

Amazon Prime Shopping

Tips for my favorite things. Why shop with Prime? Tips for shopping, and getting products quickly. Benefits, plus things you might not know about...


Don’t have it don’t worry. You can sign up to try Amazon Prime Trial! Honestly, I use Prime all the time, and we love it! You get great shopping deals, and 2-day shipping, streaming of movies, television shows… but, head over to learn more about Prime. We think you will want it! 

Another option you have is to become a member right now and start off with 1 year Which is great if Prime is something you’ll want to use beyond the 30 days. We started with the trial 30 days and ended up purchasing to continue using prime. We loved it that much! So, if you think you will it’s a great way to save for a year of use!

What’s Next?

    1. I make a list of the most needed items you are looking for. But, I also shop for other things as I see them. (like gifts for grandkids, for birthdays, and Christmas). Or this year I’m also looking for a scientific calculator for Sammie’s math class as a gift for her. Or you can just “shop all” and see what catches your eye. 
    2. What if something is not there?If you see something you want you and it’s not available you can add it to a waitlist  for those Products (I did this last year, and so many things pop back up as available as people adjust their carts.) Find them all here Shop All
    3. The timer can be seen in advance, have a timer and are sold until inventory is gone.
    4. Add items to your Amazon shopping cart by either shopping online on Amazon or grabbing the Amazon app for your cell phone. (I have both, they are easy to use. On your app, you can add items to your wish list if you are on the fence. 
    5. You can Shop By Interest ” looking at categories your interested in

Remember you can try this at any time.It’s easy to use and we love it!

For The Things You Love!

Are you interested in streaming TV?

Devices – Fire TV

Last year I got theEcho Dot for Sammie for Christmas. She uses it as an alarm clock for school, to listen to music, and ask questions for homework on the internet when studying on her bed. She loves it. Shop for it right now!

I have wanted an Echo Spot, or Echo Show  (which have screen/video access) for my kitchen for when I’m cooking recipes, and working on the blog. See all the things these awesome devices can do Shop Devices

If you are looking for Tablets for reading? You can grab deals for the Kindle and other devices here Shop Devices

Do you already have a tablet or are purchasing one? This is one great deal for anyone who loves reading!

Another service I’ve used at home, and when traveling is Prime Pantry. If you haven’t tried shopping Prime Pantry but, I just might. They carry more than our local stores when it comes to foodie and baking needs. Shop for items you need, have them shipped to you all in one box straight to your home.

 We have a house full of music lovers Do you? If you answered yes, you need to advantage of this! I missed this last year. Not again!

Do you commute? You might enjoy  Audible.

Honestly, these are the best! 

Did you send someone off to college? Or are you in college? Give them this! 

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Do you shop with Amazon Prime?

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