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DIY Christmas Decorations To Make

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DIY Christmas Decorations – I enjoy adding new ornaments and decorations to my Christmas collection. Do you? Why not make your own Christmas decorations? Use this list of 25+ ideas for Christmas to make your own decor and ornaments for decorating for the holidays.

You can even find farmhouse Christmas decorations to make. All these ideas will make your home sparkle, add a little farmhouse flair, and be festive for the season.

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Make Festive Decorations

25 + DIY Christmas decorations and ornaments to make. Find easy, fun, festive, farmhouse, decorations and ornaments to make. See the list of DIY Christmas crafts at DearCreatives.com

Use these ideas for family craft holiday sessions or you can make any of these ideas for Christmas by yourself or with a friend. Then decorate or gift the finished items for the Christmas holiday season. Pull out your craft supplies, grab a few things, and make DIY decorations and farmhouse decorations.

Supplies you might need for making these projects are clear plastic ornaments for crafts, wood rounds, holiday ribbons, an acrylic paint set (these are my favorite acrylic paints), snowflakes artificial snow, a glitter set, and Christmas stencils which you can get in various sizes for projects…

DIY Christmas Decorations To Make

DIY Christmas Ornaments and Decorations + DIY Farmhouse Christmas Crafts

25+ Christmas Ornaments and Decorations To Make - It's not too early to think about making Christmas decorations and making Christmas ornaments. Start now making any of these DIY Christmas decorations and DIY farmhouse Christmas decorations. Then these crafts will be done in time to use when you are ready to put up the Christmas tree and decorate your home for the holiday season! Or add them to the holiday decor you already have up. These Christmas DIYs are festive, fun, and easy to make!

The Ultimate Farmhouse Tiered Tray Decor Set - Beautiful Year

One of my favorite ways to decorate is by using tiered shelves like this and adding decorations to them. It’s really easy to swap out seasonal decorations. This updates the look for the holidays.

Ornaments to make and Christmas crafts

Use these holiday craft projects to make to decorate the tree or add festive decor to the home. Also find fun, festive, and easy crafts projects for kids to do during their holiday breaks or on the weekends when you are busy. Find more craft ideas right from the drop-down menu.

Looking for things to make for the holidays?

See all our Christmas Crafts here and Cricut Crafts here (which has Christmas decorations…). Which of these DIY Crafts and Farmhouse Christmas Crafts will you make?

What types of Christmas crafts do you enjoy?

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