Traditional Living Room Decor With Pops of Color Pattern And Texture

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Today we are talking home decor ideas. After we get our kitchen and bathroom completed we are circling back to update our living room paint and décor. (Update-See this home décor color decor post and it has a link to our post of the book that inspired our choices and what we did first.)

We love our sofa set we’ve had but, our love seat got a rip in it. I’m afraid it’s days are numbered. We decided to get rid of it and are looking for a new lounging chair, loveseat or reading chair to replace it.

 I love checking out home decor sites for design inspiration, then finding similar priced style at affordable prices. Do you? I’ve spotted various styles to decide colors for our decor and paint color schemes for various rooms we have been working on. We had cream colored walls with currant red accent walls.

Home Decor Ideas

Traditional Home Decor 

I spotted this living room space. I just love the light walls, muted colored decor with pops of purple in the throw pillows and arm chairs in purple are amazing! I’m in love with this Hollywood glam living room. It has many traditional elements to it too.
I don’t think we will pick grey for our walls but, if we did it would have to be a much lighter shade. I love the home décor idea in this photo for the gallery shelving for displaying photographs and artwork. We have enough wall space that we could pull that off. 

Home Decor Ideas

Accent Chairs 

Home Decor Ideas Decor_Accent Chairs_Tuffed-Chairs

Looking at different styles of home décor ideas I spotted these chairs. I love the tufted style at first but, then I started to look at cleaner lines. You can see what I pulled together below. 

My Style

Home Decor Ideas:

 Home Decor Ideas Living Room Decor

When it comes down to it. What I really love for home decor is classic styles with pops of color, textures and pattern. The patterned pillow is from Inside Avenue priced at $135 for 2 / $68 ea. Are you updating or styling your home? We’ve always loved Target since we used them for our Wedding Registry and decor style choices, not to mention their fashions. Affordable, stylish and functional.

Our favorite picks from Target are the; Lamp 365 Turned Table Lamp, Burke Solid Nailbutton Chair, Nate Berkus Faux Chair and Felt Garden Textured Pillow shown above. 

What style of home decor do you like? What are your favorite colors for a living room? 

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  1. These are really cute pieces, Theresa! I like the grey and purple combination. I think my daughter just bought patterned pillow in a different color.

    1. Hi Stacie, Oh, I’d love to know where she got it from the cost of $65 a pillow is quite a bit more than I’d like to pay. I love the pattern, just want to find something a little less expensive. I do too, I’m thinking of going this direction but, still window shopping.(online that is since I don’t live in the city)

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