Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Review: Paleo, Vegetarian, Gluten Free Options

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Today I am sharing a review of another meal kit delivery service. This review is for Sun Basket, meal kits. Have you ever heard of them? I know of a few meal kit delivery brands and tried a few but, Sun Basket was new to me. So when I had the opportunity to review them I jumped at the chance. Why not? It beats grocery shopping and figuring out a few meals. And we happened to be busy planning Sammie’s 15th birthday.

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Review Sun Basket Meal Delivery Kit Review See unboxing and our thoughts with cooking and eating meals from the Sun Basket meal kit. Full review at DearCreatives.com


Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Review

The box was dropped at my doorstep one afternoon. Luckily, I was home. I only say this as I had a rough idea of when it was coming but, had to pick up Sammie from school and our weather has turned hot rather quickly, which had me a bit worried.

Review Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Review DearCreatives.com This was the box that was delivered. See our thoughts and the meals we cooked.

Suffice to say, that the packaging provided all the perishables right next to the ice-cold packs, chicken closest to iced packing. Everything was nice and cold, as it should be, which is important. (*cool packing good for 8 hours) The only reason I say this is, we get temperatures well over 100 degrees all the time.

The Sun Basket Sun Basket foods are divided by the recipe and packaged very well, as you can see from images I took later in the post. These meal kits come with directions for recycling all the packaging! First, I opened the boxes. I pulled out the paperwork, brown bags, and under was the meat. I put the meat in the fridge. Then I took photos of the vegetables before slipping the veggies back into there bags to cook later. I wanted you to see this close up.

Review Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Review DearCreatives.com Sun Basket contents vegetables, corn tortillas, yogurt and spices for a meal kit recipe

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We’ve been running around getting stuff for Sammie’s birthday and meal planning was the last thing on my mind when planning a party for 15 teens!

Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Review DearCreatives.com Cooking From the Sun Basket meal kit. Cooking chicken with spices.

The first meal we decided to make was the chicken fajitas with cucumber-radish salsa. This was super easy to prepare. The chicken was pre-sliced. All the prep I had to do was chop up the veggies, and cook them. I set them to the side in a bowl. Next, I cooked the chicken. 

Review Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Review DearCreatives.com chicken fajitas being cooked in a skillet from the Sun Basket meal kit and recipe.

Then mix all the ingredients together, back into my big skillet. While this was cooking I prepped the cucumber-radish salsa. All the directions were written out on a nice booklet, no step by step images with their recipes. But, they are easy! The booklet shares other bonus recipes they make and some you can just follow if you want to.

Review Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Review DearCreatives.com Chicken Fajitas made with Sun Basket kit recipe and ingredients. Visit to see full review.

This meal only took about 30 minutes to prepare. We really enjoyed this meal. Sammie thought it could use more spices which surprised me as she’s usually the one telling us to not make it too spicy. Maybe, just with the addition of fresh garlic which is something that’s in a lot of our recipes, would have made it seem more like my cooking.

Review Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Review DearCreatives.com meal kit contents vegetables, green olives, almonds and herb for a Sun Basket meal kit recipe

The second meal we made was their roasted chicken breasts with salsa verde (their version, which may be Spanish inspired vs. Mexican salsa verde). The salsa is made with green olives, capers… I wasn’t sure if we’d like this dish but, to my surprise, I did enjoy this a lot.

Sammie loved the chicken but, didn’t prefer the arugula salad, which didn’t surprise me. It’s kind of a tangy vegetable. The Mr. raved about the salad and I really enjoyed it too. He took leftovers to work the next day. Overall another winner!

Review Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Review DearCreatives.com Roasted chicken breats with salsa verde and sweet potatoes with arugula salad. 30 minute meal. Visit to see full review

I did have to modify the cooking a little bit. Since it was so hot here (and inside the house) I didn’t roast the chicken in the oven. I cooked it on the stove which is how you start the chicken but, then you finish it in the oven. I also cooked the sweet potato in the microwave vs. roasting in the oven.

But, followed the directions for the most part as the recipe also only called for salt and pepper on the chicken, which although was being topped I felt a little bland. I added garlic powder, a touch of paprika and onion powder.

Review Sun Basket Delivery Kit Review | un boxing and finished meals from Sun Basket meal delivery kit service.

Our Review And Thoughts About Sun Basket Meal Kits:

  • I love the convenience of not having to meal plan and shop. (*I love meal kits for when I head out of town, that my family can fix while I’m gone.)
  •  Sun Basket food was good.
  • I’m happy that the packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable and Sun Basket offers instructions on how to recycle packaging.
  • These Sun Basket meals are kid-friendly. If you enjoy cooking and flavorful foods you may be slightly adapting the recipe or spices.
  • Quick 30-minute meals! Easy to follow directions for cooking and easy clean-up.
  • If you have a teen in the house some of the recipes are great for having them help while learning to cook.

Would I try Sun Basket again? I think so. I probably would for times I go out of town. Ordering meals for my family so I don’t have to worry about what the family would be eating. Or times when I know I’m slammed with work, like during the holiday season.

More About Sun Basket Meal Kits:

  • Sun Basket meal kits feature organic, non-GMO produce from the best farms and sustainably-sourced, hormone-free meats and seafood.
  • The recipes are developed by an award-winning San Francisco chef.
  • The boxes are carefully engineered to sustain freshness. The box should be refrigerated within 8 hours of delivery. (I would say depending on where you live and how hot it gets,  you may need to get it inside quicker to refrigerate items.)
  • Their weekly menu includes Gluten-free, Paleo-friendly, Vegetarian and Chef’s Choices.
  • You can purchase various sizes and recipes. Visit their site for all the details!


Have you tried Sun Basket Meal Kits? Or any other meal kits?

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