Cooking Recipes At Home Never Got Easier!

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Pressed for time when it come to cooking recipes? Do you ever tire of all the meal planning for cooking recipes at home? Grocery shopping? Tossing excess food you don’t use? But, you don’t feel like eating out all the time! Recently we had the chance to try a new recipe kit that has rocked my world! I’m going to share why it’s helped me so much. And introduce you to the meal kit delivery service we tried. I am also sharing the meal we made and what it was like for us to use this service. Bonus, a coupon at the end of this post for $35. off for your 1st order, to give it a try! If you’d like and I think you might like to! Just sayin’ Woot!

Let’s cut straight to the yumminess of the HelloFresh recipe kit service. The meals were easy to prepare by following a recipe card. And the meal turned out delicious! The choices were a mix of things I would make and one that I typically wouldn’t make. I’m always up for trying something new though. What about you? All the recipes were easy to make!

Cooking Recipes

Our family meal

  • Crispy Chicken Parmigiana Spinach Salad With White Potatoes

Cooking Recipes Recipe Kit Recipe Crispy Chicken Parmigiana Spinach Salad

To be honest I wasn’t sure if this would even be the right fit for me. But, it’s really helped us out. For one it’s gotten my daughter excited about helping in the kitchen with home cooking. Well, that’s just a bonus.

  • We are always cooking too much food. Which equals waste. My meal planning gets tiresome. Some weeks it just feels endless!

Let me give you a peek on the HelloFresh meal delivery kit and what’s inside.

Cooking Recipes Recipe Kits Hello Fresh Meal Kit Delivery Meal Plans

What’s great is everything you need arriving to your door directly! No running around to the stores. Forgetting an ingredient….I could see online what day it was arriving. When I wasn’t home I left a small note for the driver to leave it as I was coming right back. We grabbed our box and started to get a meal together from the recipe  kit.

What’s in the recipe kit?

  • Recipe cards with each recipe with step by step instructions
  • Finished image of what your meal will look like on the opposite side
  • Each meal packed in small boxes
  • The meat well packaged under the boxes with a separator, next to the ice packs
  • All well insulated

Cooking Recipes

Made so easy!

Cooking Recipes Meal Kit Delivery Recipe Kit Hello Fresh

I’m excited to see Sammie excited about cooking! She helped prepare our recipe kit! I think the tenderizing the chicken was her favorite part. You should see our bloopers. So funny! Sammie asked, “what’s tomorrows meal?” I handed her the recipe card. Tomorrow’s meal we are trying the Korean-Style Beef Stir Fry with brown rice. The other meal we have to try is a recipe by Jamie Oliver : Mega Mushroom & Lentil Curry with Tomato, cilantro and lemony rice.

As some of you know I’ve been traveling back and forth to help out with my older kids families. We have a new baby in the family. But, in doing that it leaves my family at home without meals. With Sammie being in school and her dad at work no one has time to meal plan, shop and cook. Dinners at 9:00pm? No! This might be our new solution to times I’m traveling. Or even when I know I’ll too busy to deal with everything that goes into meal planning and shopping for cooking!

Cooking Recipes

Cooking Recipes Meal Kit Recipe Crispy Chicken Parmigiana Salad

Not only that but, there are days I’m writing, in the studio (crafting or with photography) and then have to plan, shop and cook dinners. Running short on time is common. It’s hard to juggle it all! I’m happy to say I’m excited to share all the yummy details of the other meals, well in short updates! I hope if you try it you’ll love it as much!

  • Our newest hero, HelloFresh! Have you heard of them before or used the recipe kits?

This recipe kit makes home cooking so easy!

  • Each week chefs make amazing recipes that are simple to make
  • They do the shopping for you
  • Free delivery of the recipe kit straight to your door
  • Yes, there are vegetarian options
  • Yes, there are other recipe options and size options too.
  • New recipes every week! >Preview Recipes and find out more! (take code: Creative35 for $35 off 1st order!)
Cooking Recipes Hello Fresh Meal Kit Delivery Recipe Kit 35 Dollars Off

Grab your discount to give Hello Fresh a try! Exclusive code for my readers: Creative35

  • (but, I don’t mind if you share, if you know someone who’d like to try it too) visit HelloFresh to give it a try!
  • Here’s a little more about the service

How easy is it to use HelloFresh?

  • Are there serving size options? YES! Classic, Veggie and Family boxes (you pick what works for you!)
  • Now including recipes by Jamie Oliver too!
  • Are the recipes easy? Yes! Each recipe shows the level and how long it will take you to cook it! And if there are allergens. (shown pre order & recipe cards)
  • Caloric breakdown
  • What else I liked? There are gift cards available! Perfect to gift new parents or as a housewarming gift!

Cooking Recipes Eating food that was cooked from a recipe kit

HelloFresh changed how I feel about food delivery kits! Easy! Bonus, seeing our teen eat a meal she cooked! I promise you won’t be disappointed! Subscribe to DearCreatives and follow on social media to see more meals we will be making and sharing. Along with all our other posts! 
  • Use these hashtags on social media #HomeCookedWithHelloFresh #HelloFreshPics @HelloFresh and @DearCreatives we’d love to know if you tried HelloFresh

Have you tried HelloFresh recipe kits? If so which has been your favorite recipe?

  • Visit HelloFresh to see for yourself! (Discount Code: Creative35)

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  1. This looks so yummy! I can’t wait for my little to be big enough to help in the kitchen. This looks like such a fun thing to explore with a kid!

  2. Someone I know was just telling me about HelloFresh today! I really like the idea of someone doing the meal planning and shopping for me 😉

  3. I’ve seen this before and wondered how it was. I’m glad to see you’ve tried it and enjoyed it. I’ll have to look into this a bit more, because if it’s one thing I hate it’s grocery shopping!

    1. Hi Phyllis, I’d seen it too. But, until now hadn’t tried it. We’ve been enjoying the meals and they are easy to cook. Fresh produce and really good quality meats. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you get a chance to try it!

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