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There are so many things going on around here. Exciting things coming some I can’t tell you about just yet. But, the things I can tell you about is my daughter Krissy who is due any time now in the next week or so got a new home with her husband. It will be their first official single family home. I couldn’t be more thrilled for them. You know that means lists of projects will probably roll in. Of course we’ll be going up to visit at some point to help with things, as it’s needed and when the baby is born. With the phone ringing off the hook today the project I was going to share is moving to tomorrow so stay tuned! Today I’m sharing a style board for fashion and home decor that caught my eye. 

I was surfing online while chatting on the phone getting all the updates and saw some big sales going on. Now is the time you can really get some great buys as the seasons start to change and fashion week is in full gear. Sammie and I caught a part of some of the fashion shows on the show Extra and we were blown away with Tommy Hilfiger’s football inspired fashions. Sammie has always loved the herringbone, check patterned looks and sporty styles.

I love keeping my eye on fashions although, it doesn’t translate to my lifestyle. Luckily for me there are times when I travel and can dress up a bit. Today’s style board is little bit trendy and eclectic.

Style Board: Trendy | Eclectic; 

Anthropologie fashions and home decor.2. JPG

 Color and patterns playing a big role in my fashion picks and style board. I love a good jean, even if I only get two nice pairs a year. There’s plenty of cool weather left to wear these fashions, along with other’s that I saw at a fraction of the cost compared to the start of the season. 

For the home I am crushing on these home decor pieces; 

You know I have to get this bull dog cookie jar. I can see putting homemade dog treats in it for our Old English Bulldog Rex. Do you think my cats will be jealous I didn’t get them a kitty cookie jar?

I couldn’t help falling in love with the necklace either. I don’t usually get into jewelry and wear minimal amounts but, Sammie loves jewelry. If your a jewelry lover wait until tomorrow to see what I have coming. It’s a DIY post you won’t want to miss! 

Last but, not least if you want to check out sweaters and other sales items you can take a peek for yourself or just do what I did yesterday a little online window shopping. 

What types of fashions do you like to wear? What types of things do you love for your home?

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  1. I seriously need to work on decorating my house, we have been there for two years and I have done nothing. .its embarrassing at this point!

    1. Hi Lauren, I must be thinking we’ll get back to working on our kitchen and bathroom as spring sets in. I am antsy to finish them up to get my house back in order. I know how you feel.

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