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Back-To-School Crafting Re-Purposed Capri Sun Pouches

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Dear Creatives, I decided to try & make some snack pouches from Capri Sun Juice Pouches as I want to reduce my use of baggies this school year. I had saved some from field trips & various times during the year from Sammie. I tried several different ways of making them. They can be used not only for snack pouches, but for pencil cases, lunch bags, wallets & bags. I am sure there could be many other uses if you saved enough juice pouches. Let me share some tips with you on how I made my re-purposed Capri Sun Juice Pouches.

When working with them cut off a strip all the way across aligned with the bottom of the sipping hole. Rinse out your juice pouch with hot soapy water. ( I even soak them for a bit ) Make sure to rinse them well & completely dry the pouches. You will need a minimum of six to make one snack pouch, plus extras for a few mistakes or to make more than one pouch or something larger. ( above photo is of the backsides)

Here are some of the end results. I experimented with iron on Velcro but, you have to put something under it so it doesn’t crinkle the pouch I used felt. You can just sew on Velcro too if you like & although I did iron it on I sewed it as well. The reason I did that is thinking how many times it would be opened & closed. I wanted it to stay secure.

What I like about this project is cutting down on the use of plastic bags & re-purposing something that on occasion you have to use for lunches. I just ask Sammie to bring home the juice pouches in her lunch. Then when I have enough cleaned & saved I can create a reusable pouch or other items. There are plenty of tutorials on the web & this is a great beginner sewing project. I started a how to video & will share when it is done. I also will share a step by step with photos soon. UPDATE Capri Sun Snack Bag Tutorial (Remember to save at least six if you want to give this a try!)


If you can’t wait to make some Capri Sun Crafting here are some links to a few back-to-school items / tutorials:

Capri Sun Snack Bag Tutorial

Juice pouch lunch bags tutorial 

Capri Sun wallet tutorial 

4 pouch Capri Sun wallet tutorial 

Have you ever re-purposed Capri Sun juice pouches? What did  you make? 

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    1. Hi momto8 this is an easy to make project! Let me know if you make any Capri Sun Crafts. I hope to post some how to pics soon!

    1. Hi Crystal, these are super useful & easy to make! I appreciate your taking the time to comment!

    1. Hi Bonny, Glad you like this. I am working on getting ready to post the how to! Drop back by & see how to make your own, its all straight sewing & pretty easy!

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