Boost Your Health With Bio-Kult

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Start your morning off right! Give your immune system a boost with Bio-Kult! Healthy living is important. And one way to be healthier is to focus on your health and gut health. I am sharing easy ways to improve your overall health at home or when you are traveling. Plus, a free morning routine checklist printable.

There is nothing like the feeling that you aren’t as healthy as you could be. Taking supplements and vitamins can boost your health. Giving the digestive and immune support you need.

I received these products from Moms Meet to try for free and am sharing about this health product.

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Boost Your Health With Bio-Kult

Start your morning off right with a healthy morning routine... Find out more + Grab a discount at DearCreatives.com

It’s important to take your own health into your own hands! With fall around the corner, back to school here, when you are traveling or navigating a healthy life there are easy ways to improve your overall health and gut health. One way to improve your health is to start a healthy morning routine. And by taking a probiotic supplement.

Start A Morning Routine

6 Easy Steps To Better Health

Start a healthy morning routine. Plus, add Bio-Kult Probiotic supplements - Start your journey with gut health today - Grab the discount code for 20% off and find out more about these supplements at DearCreatives.com
  1. Eat a breakfast
  2. Take supplements and vitamins
  3. Walk or exercise daily
  4. Get fresh air outdoors
  5. Drink plenty of water (8- 8-ounce glasses a day)
  6. Stay connected with family and friends

These are just a few things you can do when starting a morning routine. Include things such as journaling, taking time for yourself, listening to music, reading a book, and wearing something comfortable…

Below you can grab our printable to track your weekly health journey. And add notes on how taking a new supplement like Bio-Kult is working for you. There is even a section for reminders.

What is Bio-Kult?

Bio-Kult is a brand of supplements. Bio-Kult Original Multi-Strain Formulation is the UK’s number one probiotic supplement, containing 14 unique probiotic strains for digestive and immune support.* It is non-GMO and Gluten free.

Ways To Take Bio-Kult

Making a healthy smoothie with Bio-Kult probiotic supplements - find out more and get a discount at ©2022 DearCreatives.com

You can swallow the capsules whole or break them apart and add the contents to food or drink. Which makes them easy to take. If you need to take them with food I like adding them to my smoothie recipes. This is perfect for anyone who hates taking pills or capsules (or giving the supplements to kids).

Part of my morning routine includes making a smoothie and adding my supplements. It makes it easy to stay on track and get the vitamins and supplements I need. What about you? Do you take probiotic supplements or vitamins?

Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Serving size 2

  • 10 ounces frozen organic fruit (tropical blend)
  • 3 heaping tablespoons of Strawberry yogurt
  • 1-1/2 cup Mango Peach Juice (or your favorite 100% juice)
  • 1 cup of ice

Add ingredients to the blender. Blend until smooth. Add the probiotic capsule (open the capsule and shake it into the smoothie) to the smoothie, mix and serve. Sip, sip! A healthy smoothie you can make any time of day!

Who Can Take Bio-Kult?

Adults take 1-2 capsules, children (take 1/2 to 1 capsule, and it’s suitable for use during pregnancy (but, check with your doctor before taking supplements if pregnant).

Start Your Journey Today!

Boost Your Gut Health and Immune Health

Bio-Kult product review - get the discount code and more information at ©2022 DearCreatives.com
  • It is so easy to make small changes in your health. Start by focusing on your health, exercising, and taking supplements.
  • Get this product for your digestive and immune systems – Bio-Kult Original Multi-Strain Formulation (Approved by the Vegetarian Society as a vegetarian product).
  • I know I have mentioned products like this before but, with this brand, it didn’t make me feel heavy or bloated. I took one capsule per day vs. two. (Track to see what works best for you or your kids)
  • I really feel like it made a big difference in how I felt. And that was a good thing! Especially because it’s hard keeping regular when you are traveling. Now, I’m glad it’s part of my daily regimen.
  • See where to purchase and grab a discount for yourself below!

Kick Start Your Gut Health

Healthy Living - 6 Easy ways to boost your health when traveling or at home. Healthy living tips and a free morning routine printable at - DearCreatives.com

Where To Purchase Bio-Kult

Save 20% on your entire order at bio-kult.com with promo code MOMSMEET20. The offer expires on 12/31/22.

Additional places you can purchase supplements and health products.

Note: This product contains milk and soy used in the fermentation process. Follow the packaging guidelines for use and storage of the product (no refrigeration required)

Start your day out right. 6 steps to a healthier you. Plus, Bio-Kult product review and discount. Includes a tropical smoothie recipe - ©2022 DearCreatives.com
* It has been proven to survive the high acidity of the stomach.* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Morning Routine Checklist

Morning Routine Checklist - Use this checklist daily activity planner to track healthier lifestyle habits. Get the free printable at DearCreatives.com

This is a weekly routine checklist you can print and use! Be happy and healthy!

Healthy Living

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