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Pink Gift Ideas -“Pretty in Pink: Kitchen, Housewares, and Decor Gift Ideas”

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Pink Gift Ideas – Do you know someone who loves pink things? Or are you looking for pink things for the home, apartment, or dorm? This list of kitchen essentials, housewares, and things for the home in pink! It will have you/them living life like Barbie’s dream home.

These pink housewares are perfect for gifting the person who loves “pink” and the girly lifestyle. Pretty In Pink!

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Pretty In Pink

Kitchen, Home, Apartment, and Dorm Essentials

Pink Gift Ideas - Pink things for the kitchen and home. Pink pots and pan set, coffee maker, knife set, bowls, toaster, tea kettle, kitchen utensils, charcuterie board, wine chiller... These pink housewares are perfect for the home, apartment, or dorm life. Find this and more ideas at DearCreatives.com

These housewares and kitchenwares are perfect for anyone wanting to change their decor to include pink! Are you going into a new home, apartment, or dorm? These pink things for the home would make great gifts for anyone who loves the color pink or Barbie!

Whether you are gifting or getting things for yourself we hope this list of pink things inspires you to consider “pink” as a theme color for your decor or housewares.

Pink Gift Ideas

Housewares, Kitchenwares, and Things for the Home in the Pink Color-Theme!

  1. Get pink pots and pans set.
  2. This cute cutting board with a heart includes a pink handles knife set.
  3. Programmable family-size Pink Slow Cooker. Or grab a small pink slow cooker.
  4. Add to kitchen basics by getting a pink can opener, vegetable peeler, colander, salt and pepper shakers, and grater (or box grater).
  5. I love this pink kitchen gadget set with gold handles. Do you?
  6. For coffee lovers who love pink, a pink Keurig coffee maker. They come in various sizes too.
  7. A set of pink coffee cups.
  8. Grab a new pink toaster like this.
  9. Get a pink whistling tea kettle for the stovetop.
  10. Pink mixing bowls for prepping food or baking and this set of pink baking sheets.
  11. You will love these pink measuring cups and measuring spoons or like this are my favorite.
  12. This pair of pink oven mitts or this pair of pink silicone oven mitts.
  13. 4-pack pink kitchen towels.
  14. Love entertaining? This 6-piece set has a heart charcuterie board with pink cheese utensils.
  15. Add to it with this pink wine chiller and bottle opener.
  16. Disco ball party tumblers with lids and straws in pink! It comes in a set of 4 or pick another size set.
  17. Travel mugs like this BPA-free pink tumbler or this Stainless Steele Pink Barbie Travel Mug. Both come with lids and straws.
  18. A cute tiger throw rug in pink for the bathroom or kitchen.
    My daughter uses hers by her dorm bed. It’s really cute!
  19. Hello Beautiful cute bathroom rugs.
  20. Kitchen soap liquid dispenser and organizer that is pink.

Pink Home Decor

  1. Relax in this pink lounge chair or get a set of two. And this is the style lounge chair we got my daughter for her dorm room.
  2. Pink Modern Futon Sofabed.
  3. Set of Coffee Nesting Tables in white and pink.
  4. Pink Decorative Tray. Use it for serving coffee, holding decor accents, or…
  5. Floral Pink Floral Storage Baskets

“Pretty In Pink”

Would you decorate your kitchen, home, apartment, or dorm in pink? Or add pink accents to your decor?

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