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To Do List Printable “Supercharge Your Productivity!”

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Today I’m sharing a newly designed to do list printable. Get this- printables to-do list with spaces for things you need to get done today, to-dos, tasks, notes, and things not to forget. This is a free printable!

One thing I love to do is make lists. It helps keep me on track for things I need to do! What about you? Going to school, taking an online class, running your household, or doing all the mom things? Get this printable checklist!

You can even put tasks for the kids to help you on there. But, we do have a printable chore chart and to-do list for kids – it’s linked at the bottom of this post!

Be productive. And get things done.

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Printable To Do List

Printable to do list - do today- tasks- don't forget- notes - free printable to do checklist - Cute printable to do list template - Free Download files are in  PNG and PDF files at DearCreatives.com

What things do you need to get done? – Print this cute printable daily to-do list!

It’s been a while since I shared a new design. We lost our beloved bulldog to cancer this summer. This was so difficult for us. I’ve been slowly going through my online photography class, making lists with my daughter, helping her pack, and moving her back to college.

Whew, it’s been a busy time. Finally, I can sit down and work on a few things. And I thought what can everyone use? This checklist! Yes! Yay, to getting back on track. And getting all the things done!

Printable To Do List Template

With its cute design, this to-do list is something you will want to print over and over again! It has a fall aesthetic with mushrooms, pumpkins, and fall leaves. And the space for notes with cute candles and fall leaves. The colors are soft and sweet, headings have a burnt orange.

I’d love to know what printable designs you are looking for. Tag me on social media @DearCreatives with any requests. Or email me with a design request (be sure to put that in the header) if you’d like me to make a design for you to buy.

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Files For The Printable To-Do List

For Personal Use Only – If you would like commercial designs made for you please email me! I can make them for bloggers, teachers, and others. Send a request to my email (put commercial design request in the subject line).

How To Save The Files and Use Them

  • You will need to save the files or download them to your computer (instructions below).
  • Sized to fit standard computer paper.
  • There is enough space on the left to use a 3-hole punch and add them to your binders or…
  • Need a new printer? This is my favorite printer for printables, stickers, and craft projects.
    Pop over to see why!
  • Enjoy! And happy planning with your new daily planner sheet!

PNG files – right-click, give it a name you will remember, and save it to your computer.

Printable to do list - do today- tasks- don't forget- notes - free printable to do checklist - PNG and PDF files at DearCreatives.com (Printable To Do List PNG-FILES)

PDF Files

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Happy Printing! And almost fall 😉

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