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Perfect Creative #Gift Option – Thrifty Tuesday

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Dear Creatives, When it comes to learning I never want to stop pushing my creativity! I rather have the Mr. purchase me a class for a holiday gift, than something I might wear once or a gift that doesn’t suit me. We all receive those on occasion, right? What I love about creative bug is you can purchase unlimited access for a specific amount of time, then pick & choose which video workshops you want to learn from! How great is that? What you will find is inspiring and informative craft video workshops delivered right to your screen. creativebug.com  A few of the creative & crafting options are paper, yarn, sewing, jewelry, printmaking & crafts…….
Creativebug Video Workshops on creativebug.com

I don’t know about you, but this is going on my gift list. I have already picked a few classes I would love to get creative with & new techniques I’d love to learn. The choices are so varied & All-you-can make video workshops on creativebug.com has 3 subscription models: 1 month, 3 month, & 6 months! How great would that be to have learning at your fingertips & videos are always being added.

I know I love it when my family & friends support my creativity. I love receiving the gift of learning & think you will too! I know printmaking is topping my list right now!

I’d love to know, “What type of creative, crafting classes you would enjoy?”


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