Gratitude Journals & Meditation Learn How It Can Enrich Your Life

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Dear Creatives, November always brings the word gratitude to the forefront for many people, myself included. I don’t know about you, but it is often overlooked so easily in our daily practice. We are busy & wrapped up in so many outside things that being in the moment, being grateful & living fully with gratitude are often set aside while we  go day to day. But how about bringing it into your every day life?

Making a gratitude journal, listing those little things that we are grateful for so on a not so good day you can look at to ease your mind. A regular habit of expressing gratitude can enrich your life, help you savor every moment and show you that the best things in life are often free. Gratitude has also been said to be associated with attraction. With that said I have rounded up with gratitude to you, a few things that can get you started in the daily practice of keeping a gratitude journal. *listed at end of post


I happened to watch Super Soul Sunday today in which Oprah had Deepak Chopra on & they talked about meditation & creating abundance. I found the video online which you might enjoy watching later. (Deepak Chopra Oprah Interview Mediation 101 ) & there are several other videos listed to view. What I found interesting is that through mediation our senses for intuition, insights, inspiration, gratitude, creativity & choice making….could be heightened by the practice & steps with meditation. Thus attracting abundance. I must admit I don’t meditate daily, but am inspired to participate in the 21 day challenge. If you are interested you can register for free via Creating Abundance 21 Day Mediation Challenge

Here is the round up I created for you to help you get started if you are interested. Later next week I will be back with a printable freebie for you! Be sure to subscribe or follow along so you don’t miss out.

Do you keep a gratitude journal or meditate? 

Free Printable Journal Cards TinyNatt

3 x 4 lined pdf & printable journal cards  via CZdesign

monthly book pages for gratitude journal  via Happy Serendipity

Power of Gratitude

How to meditate (article explaining how to)

Journal Calanders

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