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Happy to share another musical post today for a kids Cd you and your family are sure to enjoy! Someone Else’s Shoes gathers 15 tracks from some of the most talented artists in children’s music. Fun, and sure to have you sing along with more than a few songs. What is neat about Gratitude Attitude Cd with it contrasting styles and music is that it offers lessons in empathy, friendship and understanding differences.

Some songs are super fun like the song The Pea on My Plate. It is funny, the fun and will have your kids laughing when they eat their peas! or at least singing this song! I’ll never look at them the same.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own. I would hope you enjoy the Cd as much as we did. Peoples opinions may vary from ours.

Gratitude Attitude ,cover art

The aim of Recess Music’s Best Foot Forward series is to entertain while educating children & to provide families springboard for dialogue that explores ways of being that play a vital role in coping with life. But, not every song is serious,  there is a pretty balanced set of songs and tempos. Plenty of fun and a little bit of sentimental. Topics all geared toward kids and age-appropriate. I am sure it’s going to be easy to pick out some favorites of the high-quality music on this Cd. I mean really with titles like Table Manner Polka you know there is going to be a fun beat, fun words with a message all twisted into one.

I think you and your young families will enjoy this Cd, even find yourself replaying, singing along and sharing it with others. Mom’s I think will giggle a little when you hear the song, Use Your Napkin Not Your Mom. 

Gratitude Attitude Song Track List:

1 I’m Glad You’re Here | Debbie and Friends 3:13
2 Gratitude | Red Grammer 3:58
3 In My Family’s House | Bonnie Lockhart 3:07
4 There’s A Pea On My Plate | Bill Harley 3:06
5 Love You A Million | Mary Kaye 2:48
6 Thank You Letters | The Uncle Brothers 2:16
7 Only Take What You Need | Earth Mama 2:19
8 The Table Manners Polka | Mike Soloway 3:57
9 Grateful | Dave Nachmanoff 3:30
10 Every Little Bit Of You | Susan Salidor 4:03
11 Thank You World | Eddie Douglas 3:29
12 Use A Napkin (Not Your Mom) | Kathy Kallick 2:57
13 Circle Of Friends | The Sunflowers 1:27
14 Thank You | Cathy Fink 3:26
15 Best Foot Forward | Nick Cope 3:07

In addition to winning a 2012 Parents’ Choice Gold AwardRecess Music’s Someone Else’s Shoes was honored with a 2012 NAPPA Silver Award. Recess Music’s Wild Child was featured in USA Today’s one of kids’ music superstar Laurie Berkner’s “Eight Greats for 2011.” & the accolades go on…

  • The Gratitude Attitude Release is coming up August 27th, 2013
  • Geared for ages 4-11 years. (My Thoughts:  But, I think this music can be listened to earlier even if not understood. Then depending on the child might not be enjoyed by older kids 10-11 years, unless they have younger siblings or unless they love music of all types, as some kids music tastes are mature depending on what they are exposed to.)
  • Running time 46 min.

Gratitude Attitude is now available Upon its release will be on Amazon ( & its international affiliates),, iTunes, & brick & mortar throughout the U. S.

Visit RecessMusic to see all the Best Foot Forward Series of music & this Cd. You can also connect with them on social media sites:

Facebook and Twitter!

What are some of your favorite kids’ songs? 

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