Teaching Kids to Bake And Snicker-Doodles Recipe

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When it comes to baking we just can’t get enough lately. Do you enjoy baking with kids? We love trying new cookies recipes like these Snicker-Doodles. Not only does baking have results but, you can teach your kids a lot when baking. As they get older the tasks can get more complex. When they are young you can start out simple by letting them help stir, handing you something like a box of baking soda or the spatula. What ever you do, have fun! If you are enjoying it, don’t mind the potential of extra mess kids are going to have fun, learn while baking and so will you.

Baking with kids

As your kids get older they will become more familiar with all the essentials, can help speed up the process all while still learning. One day before you know it they’ll be baking you something all by themselves. Baking and cooking are skills that can help them in every day life. Knowing what is needed, learning how to stock a pantry & check dates, proper rotation of products in your pantry(fifo-first in first out)…… Who knows, they even may use some of these skills in a job some day.

Often when we are baking we only think of the glorious end product your baked or cooked goods. But if you dig a little deeper you can find that baking with kids is

  1. bonding time
  2. learning time
  3. skill making time

It’s never too early to start having the kids help in the kitchen with baking. Some kids can help with the easy tasks as young as 3 or 4. Then adding more skills by school age and up. Now on to the finished product Sammie helped me bake. Her victory, our Snicker-Doodle Cookies.

Stack of Three Snicker-doodle Cookies, Snicker-Doodles Theresa Huse 2013

These were so good you just couldn’t have one. Seriously I couldn’t keep Sammie’s hands out of the cookie jar so to speak.


Making snicker-doodles step by step , baking with kids © 2013 Theresa Huse

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How to have kids help with baking

  1. grab all the needed ingredients
  2. reading the recipe.
  3. double check for any forgotten items, then grab them

On this day we found out that the butter was in too small a bowl to cream with the sugar. Sammie just looked at me with this what are we going to do now? I asked her what should we do? Her response I need a bigger bowl.

  • We grabbed it transferred it into the bigger bowl, then she continued to cream the butter and sugar together.
  • Then added eggs and vanilla. Next added flour mixture.
  • After we put the dough in the fridge for 5 min to firm it up to roll the balls.(this helps keep dough from sticking to hands if it was so soft)
  • Then she began to roll the balls. I explained you have to try to get them similar in size. (you can purchase cookie scoops which make getting the size uniform)
  • We tag teamed it. Her rolling, me pressing before you knew it 3 sheets of cookies.

While they baked I cleaned up and Sammie helped put a few of the pantry items away. For me I like to keep it mostly fun, I want her to enjoy it. I know all too soon I’ll be asking her to help with the dishes. For now that, along with taking the puppy out to play while she waits is good enough. But, what I’m getting at here is;

Each year as kids get older they can take more responsibility in the process and still have fun.

Snicker Doodle Cookie, inside of snicker-doodle cookie Theresa Huse 2013-

The victory is having a deliciously good cookie. Slightly crisp on the outside, tender and chewy in the center! Ah, wasn’t that worth it? When can we bake some more is what I hear quite often. Like music to my ears I have another up & coming baker in the family.

Skills learned while baking 

Teach Kids Baking, Skills kids learn 2013 Theresa Huse

I made this little chart to help show all the skills kids can get from being in the kitchen with you, baking or cooking in the kitchen with mom. If I left any out feel free to chime in via comments. I hope this helps you open up your kitchen and skills to help your kids learn some valuable lessons. Let them have simple victories with their baking, while ending up with the biggest victory of all a basket full of skills and of course cookies or other baked goods like Snicker-doodles!

Here’s our favorite Snickerdoodles Recipe

This delicious cookie is the perfect sugar cookie with cinnamon. Snickerdoodles are so easy to make. We share the step by step so you can get the best Snickerdoodle Cookies

What is your favorite baking memory?


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  1. Yum! I love sincker doodles! I really need to get my kids baking more….Thanks for the reminder. My little ones love to help stir, measure, pour, and put the cookies on the sheet. I just need to let my oldest boys do it themselves, they totally could, I was at their age!

    My favorite memory is when I made cookies and cleaned up the mess while my mom was gone. I was so proud of myself, I didn’t even sample the dough or a cookie! My mom came home and had two cookies and raved at what a great job I did….I then decided to reward myself with my own cookies….I took one bite and spit it out, I had put in too much salt, ugh!!! They were the nastiest cookies, but my mom didn’t say anything!

  2. Snickerdoodles are a great kid friendly recipe. And of course, they are so tasty! My youngest son loves to bake this reminds me I ought to make some with him! Thanks:)

    1. Hi Alicia, Thanks for dropping in, yes they are an easy cookie to make & yummy! I’ll have to add the recipe I use for everyone! I hope you get to make them with your kids soon!

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