The Creative Brand Series: E-Course & Early Bird Sign Up Pricing

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I am excited to share the news that The Creative Brand Series is going to have sign up’s for the second time. I dove in and took the first run of the series e-course and I really enjoyed it. Not only did I think that the program was very useful it was thought provoking. It’s great to see how others accomplished creating their small businesses and brands turning their creative hobbies, art, sewing or related craft backgrounds into successful careers. Taking those leaps of faith. Lessons learned, now sharing little miss-steps or decisions that helped with making their businesses successful. This e-course will help you become successful on your start of a small business journey or even nurturing a new one. There is even community and live video chats along the way in The Creative Brand Series classes.

Creative Bug is one of my affiliates.I purchased the course myself and enjoyed it and finding it helpful! These are my honest opinions and experience from the classes. If you purchase the course I will earn a small commission. Let me tell you a little more about the Creative Brand Series.

The Creative Brand Series

The course starts on April 14th and from now through April 7th they are offering early bird pricing to everyone. Creative Brand Series  is a really great course for any of your friends, fans and followers who are thinking about launching their own creative businesses.

Here’s the scoop on the e-course The Creative Brand Series:

The Creative Brand Series is a 5-week video e-course featuring straight talk with creative rockstars including Lisa Congdon, Christine Schmidt from Yellow Owl Workshop, Heather Ross, Liesl Gibson, Melanie Falick and more. Each week, these inspiring creatives will cover the fundamental aspects of building and elevating a creative brand.

With weekly videos, downloads and live chats, this series is for anyone looking to turn creativity into a business. This series brings you straight talk from the trenches mixed with advice and inspiration.

Topics in the Creative Brand Series include:

•       Identifying your brand
•       Business nuts and bolts
•       Licensing
•       Publishing
•       Work-life balance

This business-centered e-course The Creative Brand Series includes 5 weekly video installments, plus a 100+ page PDF download filled with expert tips, bonus interviews and worksheets.

This is the creative conference you’ve always wanted, but on your schedule! That’s what I loved about it I could take it when it fit into my days or nights. All the course materials right there on their site. Plus downloadable, printable work-sheets to use! No paying extra! It comes right with the course and is part of the materials. Live interviews are free too! Ask your questions from the creative entrepreneurs that you have about your specific areas your focusing on.

Creative Brand Series from Creativebug

Now, I know this is coming to you prior to changes being made here. But, you’ll see in the next weeks a new site design and shop here on the blog! Squeal! Maybe thinking to yourself how did this help you? First off, it made me think about what are some of the things I want to focus on first. Behind the scenes you may have seen my Pinterest boards on branding, color inspiration. I learned and am about to implement changes right here on the blog /site. These changes are my brand beginnings from the feel and look to the directions I envision.I can’t wait for you to see the up coming changes and additions of a shop. Yes, finally right here on my site.

All good things take time and planning but, this course is sure to help you pick out the important areas to focus on and get you started in the right direction. I still go back over the course materials because just because you have begun,  launched changes or a shop doesn’t mean that you don’t to continue learning!

Why not take a peek at all the offering and if considering, opening a small business, growing your small business or re-branding has been on your list The Creative Brand Series is sure to help you! I hope you enjoy the e-course as much as I did.

When was the last time you took a creative course to set you on course?

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