New #Toy in Town! Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow

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Ever since the Hunger Games Sammie has been obsessed with bow & arrows. She has wanted to bring to life her inner Katness. Sammie kept asking me to purchase her a real bow set, but we don’t live on land where she could set up a bail of hay to practice. My answer was no, although I admit it would be great fun. We had the chance to try & review the new Nerf Rebelle! A toy version of the bow & arrow. The Nerf Rebelle hit stores Sept. 1, 2013!

Nerf Rebelle, Bow and Arrow Toy,, Theresa Huse 2013

Nerf Rebelle recommended for ages 8 & up!

Of course when I told Sammie about the opportunity she said yes, mom do it! We received the package in the mail. She always has fun opening something up like it’s Christmas.

Nerf Rebelle, toy bow and arrow, bow and arrow,  DearCreatives,com, Theresa Huse 2013

The package is so bright & colorful with great images of girls with the bows & arrow sets in hand. Yes, poise & power. We opened the package up & I said I need to take photos before she uses it outside.

Nerf Rebelle, © 2013 Theresa Huse

I wanted to share how it looks new & what came in the package. It comes with leaflet on how to use the bow & arrow set, temporary tattoos, bow & arrow along with starter set of darts. We also received a dart refill pack which is an additional 12 darts in 6 stylish designs.

Disclosure image

Discloure: We did receive the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker & Dart Refill Pack, these are our 100% honest opinions

Girl Holding Nerf Rebelle, Girl holding bow and arrow toy, Theresa Huse 2013

Then we went outside to test the bow & arrow set. Nerf Rebelle said you can shoot up to 75 feet but, Sammie couldn’t get it to shoot that far. Only about 3-5′ so she was disappointed. But, then I took it,  trying a few times with success. I showed her how to pull it back fully with the pull handle & let go,  the dart really flew a long ways across at least 36-48′. I think with practice ( & maybe a little wind ) it could go even further. I think Sammie was overtired from her first day back at school! She defiantly didn’t have her inner Katness going on that day! lol It’s not hard to use at all.

Nerf Rebelle, Girl holding Nerf Rebelle, Girl holding arrow toy, Theresa Huse 2013

Now, that left her smiling! Trying again. Key: keep pink string aligned straight with white dart area to make it go further, not like in this image. I think I am going to purchase one for her neighbor friend so they can play together. I can see them having a blast as a team. Running strong outdoors while playing & building confidence in their new skills with their bow and arrows. Sammie read all the Hunger Game books which makes her even more excited about her set! I can see making her a pouch for all those darts so she can have them handy for grabbing & shooting a bunch at once.

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow. I actually found out from reading the package leaflet that there are quite a few styles:

  • Heartbreaker Bow
  • Pink Crush Blaster
  • Guardian Crossbow
  • Power Pair Blasters
  • Sweet Revenge Blaster
  • Accessories

& there is also a Mission Central App (free) to go with Rail Mount accessories. For more information you can go to

Overall thoughts: 

  • 8 years & up – I agree there needs to be a maturity level as these should not be shot close up at anyone’s face or eyes, as stated on package! & should not be modified with other darts, also stated on package!
  • foam darts
  • can be used indoors if you have a space large enough & no breakables shot at
  • great for outdoors
  • great for team play
  • great for solo play (but, may tire easily if solo)
  • Mission Central App from iTunes ( free easy to get) can go with Rail Mount accessory if purchased

We think girls ages 8-13 or a bit older would enjoy playing with this & that it would make a fun gift for the upcoming holidays or any birthday. I like the fact that it is something that you can run & play with outdoors, but is safe enough for indoors (with parental approval).

We received this opportunity for review from being a member of  BzzAgent

Have you seen the Nerf Rebelle in stores yet?

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