Holiday Drinks With Torani Syrups

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Dear Creatives, Tis the season of entertaining, whether you are making holiday drinks for a party or just coffee drinks for a few friends in an intimate gathering you can sweeten or spice things up with Torani syrups. I have been drinking Italian sodas since childhood. My dad owned a cafe in Berkeley, CA. It was quite the spot in the 60’s & 70’s. It not only was a coffee house, but had a bar which was stocked full of syrups for making Italian sodas, cocktails to flavor coffee & espresso drinks. Let me share some of my favorite drinks with you, along with some tips & hope this makes your shaking, stirring & sipping much more fun throughout the holidays.

Here is a basic recipe for Italian Sodas insert your {favorite flavor} & top with whip cream is optional!

  • 2 oz. Torani Syrup {favorite flavor} *such as hazelnut, peppermint, raspberry…
  • 1 oz. half & half
  • non flavored soda water /carbonated water
  • Stir & top with whip cream if desired

Italian sodas are great for making kids feel special during the holidays or anytime or have adults feel like a kid again. Now, I had the chance to try both the hazelnut & pumpkin spice flavors. Hazelnut is always timeless & can be a great addition to coffee, lattes & even mochas. When I worked at a coffee house we mixed flavors all the time from Hazelnut mochas to Chocolate Peppermint Patties. Creating unique flavor combos was part of the fun of working there. One of my all time favorite drinks is a standard Soy Hazelnut latte. With Torani syrups you can recreate signature coffee house beverages at home! I grew up using Torani & it has never changed from the time I was a kid helping make drinks in my dads cafe, to working in one, to now creating beverages at home I am still using Torani syrups. I loved them then & still do. What you are going to get is unbeatable flavors & high quality syrups!


You can visit Torani for recipes & to see all the flavors they carry! Here are just a sampling of another two drinks. I love the apple sparkler it can go for both Christmas or New Years. I know you can change it to non- alcoholic version too, that is why this recipe appeals to me. Not to mention it looks fantastically festive! Now lets heat things up a little with hot drinks! A steamer is with no coffee. Torani has signature drink recipes such as Pumpkin Spice Steamer, Red Riding Hood Mocha, 50-50 Bar Latte, Cinnamon Roll Caramel Latte……Imagine what you can dream up by mixing a few of your favorite flavors or by using their recipes!

When making signature drinks at home it is really easy & these tips will help you recreate the cafe experience when using home espresso machines.

Tip: Make sure your milk or soy is chilled for making lattes. Keep your steam wand just under the surface of the milk or soy aerating to create a thick foam. Do not over heat use a thermometer. Use your favorite fresh ground espresso, make sure that your shot of espresso has the heart {dark part on the bottom}, body {creamy, caramel middle} & crema  {sweet foam on top} use your shot within 10 seconds or less adding syrup, milk or soy this will keep your shot from going bad. Complete your drink topping with chocolate for the Hazelnut latte. Top with cinnamon for the Pumpkin Pie latte & enjoy~

Tip: You can purchase syrup pumps for your bottles for easy use. Be sure to clean your pumps occasionally. It is so easy. Take used pump off the bottle. Soak or rinse with warm soapy water then rinse until it runs clear & clean, allow to dry & replace onto your bottle! Store your syrups out of direct sunlight.

Now who wants to add syrup to their own coffee drink? Create a Latte? Italian Soda or Cocktail?….. Well you can just visit Torani & use this 10% off Coupon Code they gave me to share! You know I’m using it!

Offer Code: SHESPEAKS is valid online until 11/30/12 So hurry on over!

Happy Holiday Drink Making! 

What is your favorite drink syrup flavor?



About Torani:
Since 1925, 3rd generation family-owned Torani has been crafting great tasting flavored syrups that coffeehouses use to make their flavored drinks taste so delicious. With over 120 flavors in Regular and Sugar Free varieties, Torani flavored syrups are perfect for flavored lattes, mochas, coffees, cocoas, Italian sodas, teas, lemonades, cocktails and smoothies. Coffeehouse professionals choose Torani flavors because they are expertly crafted and made with the highest quality ingredients, like natural flavors and pure cane sugar. The Sugar Free flavors have no calories and are sweetened with Splenda. Now, Torani flavored syrups are widely available at retail so you can easily create authentic coffeehouse quality drinks at home.



Disclosure: I was given this opportunity that was sponsored from SheSpeaks & Torani. I received two bottles of Torani syrups to try. All my opinions are my own & 100% honest.

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