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Today I’m sharing an easy beauty DIY. What you’ll find convenient is you probably have a lot of these items in your pantry if you cook or bake. It’s that time of year where the cold is going to set in if it already hasn’t started to in your area. Our heaters going, cold air outside and constantly washing our hands equal dry skin. Have you tried making salt/sugar scrubs before? It’s really easy. If you haven’t I’ll share the recipe along with a few homemade beauty tips. This Peppermint Scrub is an easy beauty DIY.

Just grab yourself a few little jars, peppermint oil (beauty quality) if you don’t have it on hand…..All you will need is an hour or less if you have all your things on hand. Timing depending on how many scrubs you are making. What’s great about this DIY is that you can make as many or few as you’d like. Not only that but, they make great gifts. Holidays, bridal showers, baby showers, or as party take away gifts. You can also have a spa day party!

Homemade Beauty Tips

Beauty DIY: Peppermint Scrub

Beauty DIY |Peppermint Scrub DIY

Beauty DIY Supplies:

Beauty DIY |Close up of sugarscrub on a spoon

The first thing you’ll want to do is wash your jars to sterilize them. Let them air dry completely, by placing them on a clean dry towel on the counter. Next gather all your supplies. You will take each of the following ingredients and add it to the bowl and mix together. You may need to adjust quantities to your liking and depending on the size of your sea salt.

Recipe / Measurements:

  • 1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/3 cup Honey
  • 1-1/2 cups Sea Salt
  • 1/2 cup Sugar (Start with this amount but, may go up to 1 cup depending on consistency you prefer )
  • 1/2-1 tsp. vitamin E oil (can be squeezed from capsules)
  • 5-10 drops of Peppermint Oil
  • Food Coloring (food-grade/edible) *add drops until you get the color you like

homemade beauty tips| peppermint scrub diy | peppermint srub recipe

Directions for mixing:

  1. Measure and add dry ingredients into the bowl
  2. Mix dry ingredients with a spoon or clean hands
  3. Add oils and mix again.
  4. Adjust by adding sugar / salt to get a dryer mix (Or) Adjust by adding Olive Oil to get a wetter mix.
  5. Store in small sterilized jars or small sterilized mason jars
  • Homemade scrubs are best used within a month. When using take out with a small clean spoon or clean hands.

Homemade Beauty Tips:

Why add vitamin E? I read it helps reduce the chance of bacteria growing. And it’s good for you, win/ win. I like making smaller batches and adjusting ingredients or oil base. I don’t always prefer a super oily scrub. It’s nice to use some that have oils but, leave your hands not as oily when you rinse, dry and go to do things.

Homemade Beauty Tips | Beauty DIY Homemade Peppermint Scrub

You can use this scrub on your hands, elbows and arms, heels and feet. It is not intended for your face. Why? The sea salts are too course for your face and can irritate facial skin. This is not edible and should be kept out of the reach of small children. If you make your own I’d love to see it. Put a picture on my Facebook page or link to your post here in comments or at our weekly parties! Happy Scrub making.

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Have you ever made homemade scrubs?

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